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Getting High Resolution Maps

There are many challenges when placing images such as these city maps on the web for public access. First and foremost is the quality and readability of the images.

The problem is the size of high quality digital images. Even using compression software, keeping enough quality in the image to retain the ability to read all the small names on the maps causes the files to jump well over 1 to 2 MB per file. Although high speed access like DSL and cable  is widespread, it would prevent persons with 56K or slower modems from accessing the information. It would also be expensive for me to store enough files of that size on the web to make the entire atlas available.

So, I have placed medium quality images on the web that allow the user to read most of the information. I will also make available to those people who wish to obtain high quality images for their personal use for a reasonable cost to cover my time, media and expenses.


The images are all copyright protected and may not be used for any commercial purposes. You will, however, receive an authorized use statement with your order allowing you to use the maps in the pursuit of your personal genealogy, which includes the use of the maps on your personal web site and the inclusion in a personal family history book you produce.

The Service

The service is oriented towards a single page of the Atlas. Some pages cover a single township, while others may have two, or town maps.

When you request a page you will receive a good quality image of the entire page and 2 half page images in high definition digital.  Click on the image below for a sample of the quality you will receive.

This is only a section of the half page image. The  image sizes are generally over 1.6 mb compressed.



Click on the image to the left to see the sample quality of a full page image. This is only a section of a full page image.


When you request the service, you will receive the three digital images on a CD sent to you via USPS Priority Mail. The cost of the service is $8 per page with a $3.50 postage charge for Priority Mail. You can request multiple pages on a single CD on the same order. There is only one shipping charge for the CD.

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