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1887 Harrisburg City Directory

Submitted by Vincent Edward Summers

There is no page 62, which was blank, and the last page has no number. There was a Harrisburg City map attached inside the back of the book. The scans of the pages were made by an HP scanner set at 300 dpi, creating bitmaps, which were resized to 45% of scanning size, thus
reducing them to somewhat over 3 megabytes, then brightening them by 20 percent, and increasing contrast by 8 percent. Images were then converted to gray scale, and rotated to the correct orientation.  Lastly, they were converted to GIF files. They are numbered to  include the two pages in their descriptions. These pages are numbered according to the actual numbering of the directory.

Source Text for Scans

The volume of the 1887 Harrisburg Business Directory used was borrowed from the University of Virginia Alderman Public Library in February of the year 2002, and is believed by me to no longer be subject to copyright protection.- Vincent Edward Summers


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