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Stoner Family Cemetery

Lower Swatara Township

Middletown, Dauphin, Pennsylvania

(Located in an area locally known as Jednota)

Researched by Linda J. Wileman

This cemetery is located in Lower Swatara Township, Middletown, Pa.  The area this cemetery is found in is locally known as Jednota.  At one time this farm cemetery was the burial ground of the Stoner family and allied kin.  All that is known to be left of the farm is this cemetery and the adjacent farm house, which is now a restaurant currently known as Bratina’s and formerly known as the Old Stone Inn.  The cemetery is located on Pennsylvania State Road 230, which goes through Harrisburg, Steelton, Highspire, Middletown, Elizabethtown and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The following table shows the names and dates inscribed on the headstones in the cemetery.  The first column gives the name or initials found on each stone.  The second column gives the dates and other identifying inscribed on the stone.

Name and other identifying information




C. G.

No dates


L. R.

No dates



No dates


A. Lincoln (son of Michael and Mahilda)

b. 4-26-1861 d. 8-10-1881


John Stoner

d. 2-5-1869 12 yrs. 3 mo. 5 days


Mahilda N. (wife of Michael Stoner)

b. 4-26-1831(?) d. 4-16-1874


Michael Stoner (father)

d. 10-29-1862 53 yrs 7 mo. 2days


Lydia Strayer (wife of Michael)

d. 4-28-1851 36 years


Elizabeth Stoner

b. 5-?-1844 d. 2-7-1869


Jacob Stoner

d. 9-17-1829 30 years


Henry W. Stoner

b. 11-22-1841 d. 12-28-1879 88 years


Mary A. Stoner

b. 5-8-1815 d. 12-22-1910 (this was last burial in this cemetery


Solomon Stoner

d. 12-3-1881 32 yrs. 3mo. 5 days


Mary F. Stoner

d. 3-24-1879 32 yrs. 14 days


M. S.

No date



No dates


E. S.

No dates


Henry Stoner

d. 10-17-1816 53 yrs. 6 mo. 11 days


Mary Ann (wife of Henry Stoner, daughter of George  and Mary Neibling)

b. 5-18-1775 d. 9-15-1844



Elizabeth Stoner

b. 4-29-1866(?) d. 3-1-1892


Martha (wife of Henry Stoner)

d. 4-17-1825 21 yrs. 7 mo.


Magdelana (wife of Henry Stoner)

d. 4-5-1835


Henry Stoner

b. 8-25-1797 d. 8 -?-? 49 yrs. 11 mo. 8 days


Joseph (son of George and Barbara Zimmerman)

d. 11-19-1856 b. 7-9-1840



Barbara (Wife of George Zimmerman) (Daughter of H & M. Stoner

b. 11-5-1824 d. 8-16-1850



M. N. S

No dates


A small gray slate stone lies in the corner of the cemetery.  On the stone someone wrote the name Stoner.  Under the name Stoner three words were scratched; My God Knows.  Apparently the writer meant that only God knows who’s buried there.


Benjamin Core

No dates Civil War Soldier 93rd Pa. Vol Co. I


Blank Stone




No Dates


Blank Stone




No Dates



No Dates


Blank Stone




No Dates


Martin Wetzel

d. 6-13-1854


Charles Ritterspach

d. 1-20-1852 32 yrs.


Mahala Neavling (consort of Charles)

b. 1-15-1827 d. 10-16-1852 25 yrs. 9 mo. Days


Edward (son of Charles Mabal Ritterspach)

b. 1-14-1851 d. 6-7-1851

C. M. R.

b. 6-13-1848 d. 12-19-1850


Catharine Ghistwite

b. 10-15-1784 d. 12-29-1855


Blank stone



Blank stone



Mary Ann (dau of Michael and Lydia Stoner)

6-1835 3 yr. 6 mo.



Infant of Michael and Matilda Stoner

d. 8-21-1853 5 days


Infant of Michael and Matilda Stoner

Born and died 3-1848



No dates


Sarah Ann (dau. of Michael Stoner)

d. 7-22-1814 3 yrs. 19 days


H. Z. S.

No dates – Civil War Soldier



No dates


George Stoner

b. 3-28-1835 d. 6-24-1902


Some of these stones and stones with just initials are believed to be stones that were put at the foot of the graves.  Since the initials match with the names on the headstones, the suggestion of these small stones being footstones may be correct.

Linda J. Wileman, 1979






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