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National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

Preparation of Application Requirements

Form 0912, revised 05/99

SAR National Headquarters
1000 South Fourth Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40203

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Applications must be in a typed format in ink with a good black ribbon in duplicate (or triplicate if required by the local chapter). No hand-written applications. The duplicate copy may be another original, or a carbon copy, or a photocopy, as the State Society, which retains it, may direct.

Submit only one copy of each piece of evidence with the original application. Attach no papers to application form by staple, glue, tape, thread, pin, or other means.


It is suggested that the applicant's sponsor or the Chapter Membership Chairman give the applicant
    -- one copy of the worksheet for membership and
    -- one copy of this folder.

After the applicant returns the worksheet and a copy of each piece of evidence, the Chairman of the Membership Committee or the Chapter Registrar or Genealogist checks to ensure that the worksheet is completed correctly and documented thoroughly before the application is typed in final form. (Only current forms printed 1990 or later will be accepted.)


1. Give Chapter, if applicable, and name of State Society.

2. List only one Revolutionary War ancestor; give his complete name after "descent from"; indicate his Generation Number.

3. Give a brief record of service of the patriot ancestor after "capacity of' (eg. Capt., Washington County Militia, Pennsylvania Troops)

4. Give Applicant's complete name, no initials.

5. Give Applicant's place of residence (for mailing address). Give telephone number. For security reasons please do not complete the space for Social Security number.

6. List living and deceased children by bloodline and not adoption. Give middle names, son or daughter, date and place of birth, and mother of each if more than one wife had children.


7. Give all dates by day, month, and year (e.g. 01 Jan 1900). Use three letter abbreviation for month without period (e.g. Jan, Feb, May, Jun, Sep, Dec).

8. Generation 1. (Applicant's) note space for two wives. Complete section if applicable.

9. Complete "CITY/COUNTY/STATE" column as completely as possible in order to provide added value of application for record purposes. Space is limited. Use two letter state abbreviation and slashes only to divide without periods or commas. Examples:
      Boston/Suffolk/MA (if all three are known)
        /Suffolk/MA (if city not given)
      Boston/  /MA (if county not given)

10. Use full names not initials, and the maiden names of wives. If a widow, show her maiden name in parentheses.

11. In accordance with ByLaw No. 1, Section 5, an applicant who is a lineal descendant of a member or former member of the SAR need only establish his descent from that member. However he must copy the complete lineage to the patriot ancestor and the references listed on the former's application.

12. A copy of the applicant's birth certificate showing parentage shall be furnished. If not available, a hosptal or church baptismal certificate showing parentage, date of birth, and certification may be furnished.

13. An applicant who is a lineal descendant of a DAR Member or former member must complete his application back to the Patriot Ancestor's generation. An approved DAR application may also be used as proof of the Patriot Ancestor's service. Check the approved DAR paper to be sure acceptable proofs are cited. Only copies of DAR papers requested from the
      Registrar General NSDAR
      1776 D Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20006
are acceptable for consideration. Only those items verified by the DAR on Record Copy applications will be considered as proof. Please note: State copies of the same paper are not acceptable.

14. When applications are based on old SAR or DAR papers which did not provide spaces for dates and places, the applicant shall complete those spaces and provide acceptable documentation. As a rule, we do not accept as prima facie evidence any applications over 20 years old. All such applications are subject to review and updating, if necessary.

15. Proofs (documentation) must be furnished with the application to prove the bloodline parent to child relationship of each generation and also the service of the patriot ancestor.

16. The lineage should not be completed beyond the Patriot Ancestor generation.

17. After completing the lineage, repeat the generation number of the Patriot Ancestor and burial place, if known, in space shown on the form.


Submit evidence for each generation and mark them consecutively. Indicate generations on the document by number to assist the review.

Full birth or baptismal records showing the names of the parents should be submitted whenever possible. If the town or church records have not been published, a certified transcript or photocopy must be obtained.

An applicant who is a blood descendant of a qualifying ancestor, but who has been adopted by another family, must provide proof of the adoption procedure.

Where birth or baptismal certificates are not available, a combination may be submitted of the following:
bulletPhotocopy of the actual census records.


bulletMarriage records showing the names and birth of the parents of the spouses.


bulletDeath records showing the names and birth of the parents of the deceased.


bulletWills, probate records, etc., mentioning the children of the descendant by full names.


bulletLand records, court records, etc., in which relationship of parent and child is explicitly mentioned.
Bible records, either certified transcript or photocopies of the title page and of the family records. The relationship of the parent to the child must be explicit.

Properly annotated family histories and genealogies may be accepted as evidence.

When the family history or genealogy is authored by the applicant or any member of his immediate family, copies of the sources used for the compilation must be furnished.

Family Group Sheets, Family Tree Charts, LDS IGI or Family Search records, Broderbunds World Family Tree Records, and items attributed to oral or family tradition, including Internet abstracts, will not be accepted.

When the reference is to a published record, the author, title, date of publication, volume number and page must be given. Photocopies of the title page and pages cited must be supplied, for example
     * Edwin Emery, History of Sanford, Maine 1661-1900 (1901), p. 69
     * Massachusetts, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 9 (1898) p. 530

When the reference is to an unpublished record, it is to be listed in the references space and a photocopy furnished, for example
     * Texas Birth record of James N. Smith
     * inscriptions, Old Public Cemetery, Madison, NH

A certified copy of a record such as Bible page, census page, or tombstone is an exact transcript of the complete text.

No preliminary decision will be given on a line of descent, service or evidentiary value of proposed evidence. When examined with all available evidence, such preliminary decision might prove to be incorrect and the National Society cannot accept responsibility for such a decision,

If you are the son or grandson of an SAR or DAR member or former member, include the National Number of your SAR or DAR ancestor after NSSAR ... or NSDAR, as appropriate.


The date of birth should be given if it can be obtained.

If it is impossible or impracticable to ascertain the date of birth, some fact shall be furnished, with proof, to show the ancestor was living at the time of claimed service and of an age for the service claimed.

The date of marriage, with place of marriage, if known, need be furnished only as to the marriage from which the applicant is descended. When the marriage date cannot be furnished, but the date of birth of the oldest child of the marriage can be proved, the marriage date may be approximated from such birth date, and so stated.

The date of death is to be given. If it cannot be secured, some proved date identified with the ancestor and after the date of service may be used as a substitute (e.g. "After 1795 when he signed deed." Proof. A copy of the deed.).

When two or more persons with the same name are living in the same area, the applicant must prove conclusively that the service applies to the person for whom it is being claimed.

As complete information as it is possible to secure should be furnished supported by proof. The child through whom descent is claimed must be proved. Unsupported data may not be entered.

Sources of information as to Revolutionary War Service.
bulletPublished Revolutionary records of the various Colonies.


bulletUnpublished records (e.g. muster rolls and payrolls) now reposing in State Archives, Adjutant Generals' Offices, State Libraries, and the National Archives-


bulletMinutes of Town Meetings, and similar records of State and County governments, listing those who were appointed to various Committees of Safety; those who voluntarily took the Oath of Allegiance, etc.


bulletAccount books of State, County, and Town Treasurers, showing payment for various services directly connected with the Revolutionary War effort.
In any event, the service must be found in the official records of the day, and the Revolutionary ancestor must be mentioned by full name. Unsupported statements in town and county histories, biographical dictionaries, family histories and genealogies, and prior applications may not be accepted.

The DAR Patriot Index is unacceptable as proof of Patriotic Service.


After application is completed with documentation, the applicant should read the attestation statement and sign it.


Help the applicant; check his papers for completeness and correctness. Make sure that he has signed and read the statement of attestation.

Type in your name, address, and National Number in the space provided under "Recommended by the undersigned members."


Type your name and give your National Number; sign on the next line.


Members having more than one qualifying ancestor are urged to prepare and file supplemental applications.

Supplemental applications must be submitted in exactly the same way as original applications, but on the Supplemental Application form, supplying National and State numbers in the appropriate spaces provided on the form. No supplemental application can be submitted BEFORE the initial application for membership has been approved.

Documentation already on file as proof with the original application need not be submitted again for generations which are the same on the supplemental application.

            Form 0912
            Revised 05/99

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