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I would like to say that my parents were never divorced, and although a report to the news media
depicting him as an alcoholic in his later years, there never was any foundation to that story. It was originally printed in one of the "grocery store" tabloids, which should have been enough in itself, to see it as gossip, yet the national papers picked up the articles as the gospel truth. In truth, my parents were having problems with their marriage, my dad did take several weeks away, as a solo vacation, (if you knew my mother, you would definitely have taken several), but NEVER moved out, and did return until his death. It was during this time that my mom leaked the "alcoholic" story, to try and discredit him, if he had wanted to stay gone. But nothing ever really takes away the soiled image....

If any further information is needed, please feel free to contact me at:
Thank you for your time.....
Sincerely, Rene Gagnon Jr.

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