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As in any organization, you get out as much as or more than you put into it. We are an organization of people who make good things happen.

bulletWhat can compare to the thrill of hearing a young child at a parade saying "There goes George Washington!" when he sees your SAR Color Guard marching by with their flags flying?
bulletHow do you measure the value of reading essays in the Knight Historical Essay Contest and then hearing the winner read the essay at a meeting?
bulletWhat about participating in an Eagle Scout award ceremony and giving him an award representing the best wishes for continued success from several hundred members of your state society? Or making parents and cadets proud by presenting a JROTC or ROTC award?
bulletWouldn't you be proud to help build a fine national library dedicated to providing comprehensive documentation and analysis of the thoughts and deeds that played critical roles in the founding of our nation?
bulletWould you like to praise some people in your community for civic contributions for which they have never received public acknwledgement?

You can help make the dream of our patriot ancestors a reality by joining and participating in our programs to sustain the system of representative government and participatory democracy that they fought with words and weapons to create.

If you are not a member of the CAR or SAR and wish to join, then follow these
[starball] Steps to becoming a member of the SAR.

If you are an active member of the CAR and become old enough (over 18) to join the SAR, then you should
[starball] Transfer your membership from the CAR to the SAR.

If you are no longer an active member of the SAR because you stopped paying dues, then you should apply for
[starball] Reinstatement of membership.

If you are an active member of the SAR and wish to document your descent from additional patriot ancestors, then file a
[starball] Supplemental lineage application.

If you are an SAR or D.A.R. (or neither) and want to help a family member who lives in another state join the SAR and you wonder how best to do it, read our discussion of
[starball] joining, then transfering.

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