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Qualifications for Membership

Any man shall be eligible for membership in this Society who,

bulletbeing of the age of eighteen years or over and
bulleta citizen of good repute in the community,
bulletis the lineal descendant of an ancestor
bulletwho was at all times unfailing in loyalty to and
bulletrendered active service in,

the cause of American independence, either as an

bulletmilitiaman or

in the armed forces

bulletof the Continental Congress,
bulletof any one of the several Colonies or States;
bulletor as a Signer of the Declaration of Independence,
bulletor as a member of a Committee of Safety or Correspondence;
bulletor as a member of any
bulletProvincial, or
bulletColonial Congress or Legislature;
bulletor as a recognized patriot who performed actual service by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain.

The applicant must also be personally acceptable to the Society.

Family tradition in regard to the services of an ancestor will not be considered.

No preliminary decision will be given on a line of descent, service or evidentiary value of proposed evidence. (When examined with all available evidence, such preliminary decision might prove to be incorrect and the National Society cannot accept responsibility for such a decision.)

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