Relatives in the SAR, DAR, or SR

The son, grandson, brother, nephew, or grandnephew of a member of the SAR or DAR may be admitted after his 18th and before his 25th birthday upon payment the current years dues and a certificate fee of $5.00, provided that
....a) his blood relative is a member in good standing or, if deceased, was in good standing at the time of death;
and further provided that
....b) the same established lineage be submitted.

The lineal (direct) descendant of an SAR member or former member need (when preparing application papers) only furnish documentation back to the member or former SAR member, provided that proofs satisfactory to the Genealogist General are in his files to establish the line of descent from the ancestor to the present or former member. The other generations back to the Revolutionary War ancestor and the references shown on the SAR papers should be typed onto the applicant's application.

The lineal descendant of a DAR or SR member or former member (SR = Sons of the Revolution, not the SAR) shall complete his application all the way back to the Patriot ancestor's generation. A record copy of the DAR or SR member's approved application shall be submitted with the applicant's papers. Because of the lack of documents information on some SR and DAR approved application papers, these applications will be judged on their merit, and the applicant may be asked to furnish further data or documentation.

How to [starball] obtain photocopies of SAR applications.

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