Instructions for Requests to Copy or Search Form Version: 98Jan17

This page provides instructions for requesting:

  1. a search for any applications that contain a specific name in your ancestral line Use this form if you do not know the name of an SAR member whose ancestry contains some of your ancestors.
  2. a "record" copy of the membership application of a known member of the SAR. Use this form when you have either the SAR Member's number or name (both are best). If you supply only a name please provide additional details to permit identification, particularly if there may be many people with that first and last name.

Print the appropriate request form (using the print icon at the top of your browser page), fill it in, and mail it with $5.00 (US currency) to:

National Society Sons of the American Revolution
1000 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery. INSTRUCTIONS:

bulletProvide as much information as possible. If SAR can not determine which application to furnish you will be sent a list of possible matches so you may submit a new, more detailed request. There is a $5 search fee per name for this service.
bulletAlways include variant spellings of Patriot Ancestor names and the names of their spouse.
bulletInclude the name of the child through which the line descends. Be sure and check the box indicating you will accept a line other than through this child. Note that if there is no line through the child you specifiy and you have NOT checked this box you will be charged a $5 search fee and no application will be sent.
Please remember that all the children of a Patriot Ancestor may not be included in this index.
bulletFor speedier service use a seperate form for each record requested. No more than 5 names may be requested on a single form.
bulletType or print clearly. Forms that are difficult to read will be delayed.
bulletNational numbers 1 - 49200 are available only on microfilm. These requests will be forwarded to the NSSAR Library and additional charges may apply. If there are additional charges you will be billed if the amount is small.
bulletAll orders must be prepaid by check or money order payable to the Treasurer General NSSAR.

The more information provided the better the staff at NSSAR can serve you.

SEARCHES: If there is a single application which includes the name that you ask us to search for we will send you a copy of that application. If there is more than one application which includes that name we will send you copies of our index cards relating to that ancestor. You may then submit a "Request to Copy" for each application that matches your needs.

You must use a separate form for each copy or search requested.

You may mail a maximum of five (5) forms at one time.

The total order must be prepaid by one check, and the fee is nonrefundable.
Calculate the total fee based on USD$5.00 per copy requested.
Make the check payable to Treasurer-General, NSSAR.

Mail the forms and check to the SAR address above.
Allow at least 4 weeks for processing and delivery. Form Version:98Jan17

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