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Acceptable Service by a Patriot Ancestor

Participation in one or more of the following types of service is required of an ancestor if a descendent is to be admitted into the Sons of the American Revolution.

bulletSigner of the Declaration of Independence
bulletMember of any of the Continental Congresses
bulletRendering material aid, such as
bulletfurnishing supplies with or without remuneration
bulletlending money to the Colonies, munitions makers, and gunsmiths
bulletany other material aid which furthered the Cause

bulletMilitary or naval service:
bulletservice at the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774
bulletservice from April 19, 1775 to November 26, 1783
bulletfurnishing a substitute for military service
bulletMembers of the
bulletBoston Tea Party
bulletKaskaskia Campaign
bulletGalvez Expedition
bulletCherokee Expedition
bulletEdenton Tea Party
bulletDefenders of forts and frontiers; rangers.
bulletPrisoners of war, including those on the British ship "Old Jersey," and other prison ships.
bulletPhysician, surgeon, nurse, or others rendering aid to the wounded.

bulletCivil service under the Colonies from April 19, 1775, to November 26, 1783, inclusive
bulletMember of committees made necessary by the war, such as
bulletCommittee of Correspondence
bulletCommittee of Inspection and Safety
bulletCommittee to care for soldiers' families

or any other Committees which furthered the cause of the Colonies from six months before the Battle of Point Pleasant.

bulletAny pledge to support the cause of the Colonies, such as signing the
bulletOath of Fidelity and Support
bulletOath of Allegiance
bulletArticles of Association
bulletAssociation Test
bulletSigners of
bulletthe Mecklenburg Declaration, 1775
bulletthe Albemarle, Virginia, Declaration

and similar declarations.

bulletSigners of petitions addressed to and recognizing the authority of the provisional and new state governments.
bulletPersons accepting obligations or acting under direction of the provisional and new state governments, such as persons directed to hold elections, to oversee road construction, to collect provisions, etc.
bulletMinisters known to be in sympathy with the Colonies, either by sermon, speech, or action.

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