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Pennsylvania Land Records
Pennsylvania Land Records

Due to the high cost of obtaining the land warrant maps (they can run $30 or more each), and the extensive amount of time required for data entry, I can't respond to requests for information from the web.  If you wish to get more information see Get Information below.

Each tract can contain the following information:

bulletOriginal warrant date and volume
bulletSurvey date
bulletPatent date and volume
bulletWarrant application number (very few)
bulletName of the land (not every tract)

Some tracts may contain more than one Grantee. Some warrant holders subdivided their tracts. In such a case the multiple grantees will be treated as a single tract.

Get Information

To obtain the above information, please send the Township, Grantor and Grantee along with a check for $7.00 and a valid E-Mail address to:

Robert L. Maley
120 Tupelo Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9653

For an additional $3.00 I will include a scan of the tract and those surrounding it. Some of the maps are of poor quality in sections and may not reproduce well, but I will do my best so that it is as clear as possible.

While the information you receive will still be copyrighted, I will include an authorization that allows you to use it in your research, the publishing of family genealogies, and the publishing of family genealogies on the web.


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