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Early Assessment Lists.

bulletNorth End of Paxtang, 1750
bullet Narrows of Paxtang, 1751
bullet West Side of Paxtang, 1751
bullet South End of Paxtang, 1751
bulletReturn of Paxtang 1756
bulletPaxtang Continental Tax - 1779
bulletMiddeltown 1779
bulletUpper Paxtang 1779
bulletUpper District Wiconisco 1779
bulletLocated Tracts, Wiconisco 1779
bulletWest End of Derry 1756
bulletEast Side of Derry 1758
bulletWest Side of Derry 1758
bulletDerry Township 1769
bulletDerry Township 1770
bulletFrederick Town 1770
bulletEast End of Hanover Return - 1750
bulletEast End of Hanover 1756
bulletWest End of Hanover 1756
bulletHanover Assessment 1769
bulletHanover Assesment 1782

North End of Paxtang-1750. (Top of page)

John Harris, 200 a.; James Mitchell, 50 a.; Widow Forster, 100 a.; James McNight, Moses Dickey, 100 a.; Thomas McCarter [McArthur], 100 a.;Samuel Martin, 100 a.; Widow Kerr, 100 a.; Thos. Simpson, 100 a.; Robert Montgomery, 100 a.; Widow Farris, 25 a.; James Alcorn, 200 a.; James Pollock [Polk], 40 a.; James Reed, 100 a.; James Armstrong, 200 a.; Samuel Brice, 100 a.; Robert Potter, 100 a.; James Potter, 100 a.; William Bell, 100 a.; John Lee, 100 a.; Joseph Davis, 30 a.; John Carson, 300 a.; Thomas Forster, Esq., 100 a.; Widow Whitley, 50 a.; Samuel Simpson, 100 a.; Arthur Forster, 100 a.; Thomas Elder, 100 a.; Andrew Caldwell, 50 a.; William Chambers, 80 a.; William Cochran, 100 a.; William Brown, 100 a.; Francis Johnston, 50 a.; James Graham, 100 a.; widow Armstrong, 100 a.; William Barnett, 50 a.; Robert Curry, 40 a.; Stephen Gambel, 100 a.; John Barnett, 50 a.; William Barnett, Jr., 40 a.; John Wiggins, 100 a.; David Patton, 100 a.; William McMullen, 100 a.; Francis Smith, 10 a.; John Cavet, 100 a.; James Gilchrist, 100 a.; Samuel Hunter, 100 a.; William Armstrong, Matthew Cowden, 100 a.; John Bell, 100 a.; Richard Cavet, 100 a.; John Thompson, 100 a.; James Wilson, 50 a.; John Caldwell, 100 a.; Andrew Cochran, 100 a.; James Toland, 20 a.; John Roop, 30 a.; John Montgomery, 50 a.; Joseph Roop, 100 a.; Robert Dougal, 100 a.; Thomas Sturgeon, 100 a.; Andrew Stewart, 100 a.; George Gillespy, 50 a.; William Hines, 100 a.; Andrew Stephen, 200 a.; Alex. Johnston, 40 a.; Robert Chambers, 100 a.; John Dougherty (carpenter), John Scott, 100 a.; John Cochran, 100 a.; Samuel Cunningham, 30 a.; Jeremiah Sturgeon, 100 a.; Francis Loock, John Wiley, 20 a.; Widow Wiley, 100 a.; Robert Smith, 100 a.; John Smith, George Bell, 50 a.; Thos. Larrimore, 40 a.; Noah Copley (blacksmith), John Chambers, 50 a.; Hugh McCormick, 200 a.; David Diney (taylor), William Thorn, 100 a.; John Johnston, 100 a.; James Eackin, 20 a.; Samuel Gambel, 100 a.; Thomas Armstrong, 50 a.; John Snoddy, 30 a.; Alexander McHarge, 50 a. Collectors for ye north end of Paxtown 1750-Thomas Simpson, William Bell. Freemen-George Roop, James Means, Adam Means, Robert Reed, Joseph Kelso, John Steel, William Bell, Oliver Jeens, James Micheltree, Robert Delap.  Transcribed by:

Narrows of Paxtang-1751. (Top of page)

Widow Murray, Robert Armstrong, John Armstrong, Thomas Gaston,William Forster, Mr. Robert Armstrong, Thomas Clark, John McKennedy, Robert Clark, Thomas Adams, Albert Adams, John Watt, William Baskins, George Wells, Francis Glass, George Clark, John Mitcheltree, Francis Baskins (trader), John Clark, James Reed, James English, John Gevens, James Baskins, Thomas McKee, John Kelton. Freemen-Charles Williams, John Lee (trader).-John Kelton, Collector.

West Side of Paxtang-1751. (Top of page)

William Thorn, Hugh Montgomery, Robert Dugan, Thomas Sturgeon, John Johnson, Widow Forster, James McKnight, John Harris, James Reed, James Armstrong, Robert Chambers, John Davis, William Ta, James Harris, David Carson, William McCalley, James Toland, Andrew Stephen, John Cochran,Alexander Johnson, Thomas Forster, Esq., James Eaken, James Allcorn, Thomas Simpson, Widow Kerr, James Polke, James Potts, George Gillespie, Alex.McCay, John Cavet, Andrew Caldwell, Patrick Gillespie, John Scott, Samuel Price, Jeremiah Sturgeon, Robert Montgomery, John Caldwell, Robert Smith, Joseph White, John Neal, John Dougherty, George Gabriel, John Carson, Samuel Hunter, Widow Armstrong, John Daley, Samuel Simpson, Samuel Martin, Thomas McArthur, James Collier, Thomas Larnard, Andrew Stuart, William Barnet, Samuel Gamble, Alexander Sanders, Robert Currey, Moses Wain, John Ross, Joseph Ross, John Smith, James Thorn, William Thorn, Widow Wiley, William Armstrong, William Calhoun, Thomas McCormick, John Wiggins, John Wiley, John Schultz, Andrew Cochran, Robert Potts, James Gilchrist.-William Thorn, Collector.

South End of Paxtang-1751. (Top of page)

William Kirkpatrick, Thomas King, Thomas Mayes, William Steel, Robert Taylor, Hugh Stuart, Peter Fleming, John Shields, Henry Renick, John Gray, William Harris, Richard McClure, John Willson, William Willson, Oliver Wiley, Thomas King, Samuel Galbraith, Martin Shults, David Shields, Moses Dickey, Henry McKinney, Hattman Seller, Valentine Starn, Jonas Lerue, Thomas Dugan, Widow Brown, Alex. Brown, James Lusk, John Means, Andrew Hanna, George Sheets, Timothy McNight, William Sharp, Henry McElroy, John Johnston, Andrew Johnson, Charles Gordan, John Montgomery, Timothy Shaw, Robert Wright, Matthew Gordan, Andrew Husten, Samuel Woods, John Welsh, Alexander White, John Murray, James McKnight, Francis Johnson, James Willson. Freemen-William Dickey, Patrick McKinney.-Jacob Sheets, Collector.

pgs. 11 & 12

Return of Paxtang-1756. (Top of page)

William McCord, 100 a.; Patrick Montgomery, 100 a.; Thomas Renick (smith), 200 a.; Samuel Galbraith (Hugh Davis' land), 400 a.; Robert Morrison, Andrew Lykens, Robert Jones, Aaron Hine, Valentine Starn (Peter Gardner's land), 400 a.; Michael Teph (John Potts' land), 200 a.; Crisley Swarts, 200 a.; Jonas Lerue, 200 a.; Richard Fulton, 175 a.; John Kerr, William Cummens (ye Secretary's land), 200 a.; Adam Torrance, John Harris, 400 a.; Thomas Chambers, 70 a.; John Bell, 100 a.; William Steel, 100 a.; James Smith, 100 a.; James Thorn, 100 a.; Hugh McClay, 160 a.; James Collard, 200 a.; George Alexander, 100 a.; George King (ye land of Dr. Reker's), 400 a.; Frederick Fogle, John Shield, 200 a.; John Moore, Alexander McClure, 200 a.; Richard McClure, 200 a.; James Lusk, 150 a.; Robert Sterret, 100 a.; James Fitzgerald (ye land of Joseph Randles), 200 a.; James Boyle, 150a.; James Williamson, 60 a.; Thomas Dugal, 200 a.; William Willson, 200 a.; Jacob Sheets (smith), 100 a.; Stophel Monts (ye land Wil'm Kirkpatrick), 150 a.; William McClintock, 100 a.; Joseph Sherer, 120 a.; John Montgomery, 100 a.; Michael Graham, 150 a.; Timothy Shaw, 100 a.; Edward Sharp, 100 a.; Henry Renick, 150 a.; Thomas McCord, John Willson, Jr., 200 a.; Thomas McCarter [McArthur], 100 a.; William Sharp, 100 a.; David Sheilds, 120 a.; Henry McKiney, 100 a.; Robert Gray, 50 a.; Timothy McKnight, 100 a.; William Carson, 50 a.; Hugh Stuart, 200 a.; John Means, 50 a.; James Alexander, Thomas King, Sr., 100 a.; Andrew Hannah, 100 a.; William Kirkpatrick, 200 a.; Edward King, 50 a.; Thomas King, Jr., 100 a.; Philip Fisher, 50 a.; David Walker, 50 a.; Frederick Foster, 80 a.; William Hannah, 100 a.; Moses Dickey (mill-wright), 200 a.; Thomas Rutherford, 150 a.; Michael Whitley (shoemaker), William Kerr, 100 a.; James Pollock, 50 a.; Jeremiah Sturgeon, 100 a.; James Armstrong (saddler), 50 a.; Jacob Roop, 199 a.; Thomas Armstrong, 50 a.; James Huston, 100 a.; Samuel Forgue, James Reed, 60 a.; Samuel Simpson (black-smith), 150 a.; John Johnston (shoemaker), 100 a.; Thomas Simpson (smith), 100 a.; William Kelso, Stephen Gamble, 50 a.; William McMullen, 50 a.; John Cashon, 50 a.; John Gray, 100 a.; Walter Bell, John Wilson, Sr., 200 a.; Jacob Lantz, 100 a.; George Sheets, 200 a.; Samuel Martin, 250 a.; James Kilcreest, 50 a.; Andrew Huston, 100 a.; Alexander Johnston (little), Thos. Forster, Esq., 200 a.; Robt. Potts, 100 a.; George Gillespy, 100 a.; John Carson, 300 a.; To Edgel's Estate, 300 a.; Rudy Herr's land 160 a.; The Proprietor's land, 1000 a.; Samuel Hunter, 100 a.; Arthur Simpson, Robert Armstrong, 100 a.; Denis Dougherty, Neal McGlaughlin, James Wallace, 200 a.; Andrew Stephen, 100 a.; William Calhoon, 10 a.; James Thorn, 100 a.; John Cochran, 30 a.; Patrick Gillespy, 100 a.; Archibald McCollogh (ye land Jas. Wilson's), 50 a.; Philip Kinder, Jacob Sider (the land Henry Deyarmond's), 100 a.; John Montgomery (youngest), 60 a.; William Chambers, 100 a.; Joseph White, 50 a.; John Smith, 100 a.; John Ross, 100 a.; James MacKnight, 50 a.; Andrew Caldwell, 100 a.; William Wallace, 60 a.; John Barnett, 50 a.; William Barnett (black), 50 a.; William Barnett (white), 20 a.; David Patten, 200 a.; Thomas McCormick, 200 a.; Robert Gilchrist, 222 a.; William Bell, 100 a.; Matthew Cowden, 200 a.; Robert Taylor, 400 a.; Matthew Brown, 100 a.; Catherine Harris, 100 a.; Thos. Mays, 100 a.; Thos. Alexander (schoolmaster), John Gilchrist (smith), 240 a.; James Calhoun, 100 a.; William Woods, 40 a.; Robert Carson, 30 a.; Henry Harley (ye land Peter Miller's), 150 a.; Henry Sharp, 100 a.; William McKnight, 100 a.; John McCollom (ye land John Nives), 150 a.; David English, 100 a.; Thos. Sturgeon, 150 a.; Andrew Stuart, 100 a.; Robert Stephen, 20 a.; John Wiley, 100 a.; John Neil, 50 a.; Alex. Johnston (big Alick), 100 a.; William Armstrong, John Cavet, 100 a.; John Johnston, 100 a.; James Gayly, 50 a.; Henry MacElroy, 100 a.; John Johnston (whitelocks), 100 a.; John Montgomery (Patrick's son), 50 a; Robert Heslat, 50 a.; John McKeever, 50 a.; John Jameson, 100 a.; Robert Curry, 150 a.; Alex. Meharg, 50 a.; Robert Wright, 100 a.; William McClure, Joseph Wilson, 50 a.; Alex. Mahon (ye land Thos. Forster's). Land Holders-All these the time was so short, I had not time to go to their houses, but they're all land holders. John Wiggins, James Thorn, Joseph Ross, James Potts, Widow Cavet, Moses Swan, George Clark, John Ross, Robt. Montgomery, Widow Wiley, John Scott, Hugh McCormick. Widows-Widow Cunningham, 50 a.; Widow Calhoun, 100 a.; Widow Smith, 100 a.; Widow McKnight, 50 a. Fled from ye Indians-Anthony Thompson, Barney Toland, Hugh Gibson, Michael Gibson, John Chambers, Alexander Murray, John Young, James Miller, James Murray. Freemen-Joseph McCord, inmate to Patrick Montgomery; Daniel Lindley, at Valentine Sturn's; Alexander Caldwell, at Thomas Chambers'; John Sterling, Samuel Steel, at William Steel's; Thos. Mays, Jr., at Thos. Mays'; William Simpson, Robert Barkley, at John Shields'; John Collier, at his father's; Jeremiah Brandon, at George Ellis'; Charles McKillip, at Richard McClure's; Phillip Donnelly, at Valentine Sturn's; James Black, at Widow Boal's; Patrick McGranahan, at Jacob Awl's; Jacob Awl (tanner), Richard Carson, at John Carson's; Patrick Hodgon, John Patrick, at Andrew Stewart's; Jonathan Cummins, at John Harris'; Charles McGranahan, John Forster, at Justice Forster's; James Eakins, Jr., William Cowden, at Matt. Cowden's; John Simpson, at Thos. Simpson's; Moses Dickey, Sr., John Montgomery, at his father's; Robt. Montgomery, at John his father's; Robert Fruit, at Andrew Huston's; Walter Clark, Geo. Clark's son; William McClure, at Oliver Wiley's; Luke McCool, an old man at Thos. Dugan's. Refused to give their Return (Covenanters)-Alexander Brown, James Brown, Ben. Brown, William Brown, John Caldwell, James Eakin, Peter Corbit, Geo. Fisher, one nager.-Hugh Stuart, Collector. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 1/31/01 pgs. 12 & 13


Paxtang-1758. (Top of page)

James Armstrong, Jacob Awl, James Armstrong (tenant), John Albright, Thomas Alexander, William Armstrong, Thomas Allen, James Alexander, Thomas Armstrong, George Alexander, Robert Britwell, Widow Boyd, Benjamin Brown, Martin Brown, James Brown, Alex. Brown, William Brown, John Bell, John Bell (tenant), Walter Bell, Samuel Brice, William Bell, John Barnett, William Barnett, Sr., William Barnett, Jr., Richard Carson, James Collard, James Calhoun, John Carson, William Carson, Michael Cassel and Michael Casel, Jr., John Chambers, William Chambers, Andrew Chaeren(?), Peter Eaby, William Chambers, John Caldwell, Martin Cowden, Widow Cochran, John Cochran, George Clark, John Cavet, John Chambers, Andrew Caldwell, William Calhoun, James Cilley, John Carson, Moses Dickey, Thomas Dockham, Rev. John Elder, James Ekins, Jr., David English, Robert Fruit, Thomas Forster, Esq., Richard Fulton, Frederick Foster, George Fisher, Samuel Galbraith, George Gross, Robert Gray, Michael Graham, George Gray, John Gray, Patrick Gillespy, George Gillespy, John Harris, Andrew Huston, William Hannah, Widow Hannah, Widow Harris, Samuel Hunter, Robert Haslet, John Johnston, Robert Jones, John Johnston, Alexander Johnston, Philip Kinter, Edward King, Thomas King, Sr., Thomas King, William Killpatrick, William Kerr, Robert Killcreese, James Killcreese, John Killcreese, John Kisler, (Landlord's Part), John Lukins, James Lisk, Jonas Lerue, Samuel Laney, Henry McSeney, Richard McClure, William McClure, Thomas Mays, Widow McKnight, Hugh McGillap, John Means, Samuel Martin, Tinnle McKnight, Stofel Man, John Montgomery, William McMullen, John McCaver, John Montgomery, Sr., John McChulen, William McKnight, Alexander McClure, Alexander Maugham, Robert Montgomery John Montgomery, Thomas McArthur, Hugh McCormick, Alex. Murray, Patrick Montgomery, Robert Montgomery, Alexander McHort, John Neal, William Nicholson, Robert Potts, David Patten, Thomas Rutherford, James Reed, Henry Renick, Jacob Roop, John Ross, Joseph Ross, Timothy Shaw, Thomas Simpson, Samuel Simpson, William Steel, James Smith, Robert Stuart, Nicholas Stugh, Hugh Stuart, John Shield, David Shield, George Sheets, Henry Sharp, Edward Sharp, William Sharp, Joseph Sherer, Frederick Swicker, Jeremiah Sturgeon, Andrew Stuart, Andrew Stephen, James Sloan, John Smith, Widow Smith, Christian Swartz, John Steel, Valentine Starn, Thomas Sturgeon, John Scott, Michael Tafer, Thomas James and William James, Adam Torence, William Thorne,James Thorne, James Williamson, William Willson, John Willson, Jr., Joseph Willson, Joshua White, Robert Wright, Robert Whitley, Thomas Willey, James Wallace, John Wright, Widow Willey, David Walker, James Woodside. Freemen-William Boggs, Isaac Bell, James Bell, John Bell, Robert Cochran, William Cowden, John Cowden, John Conrad, Arthur Cuningham, Alexander Diver, William Davis, Andrew Eakins, Robert Eakins, William Gibbons, Joseph Gray, John Hannah, Daniel Linwell, Thomas Little, Thomas Mays, Charles McCannahan, William McCardney, Andrew McCollum, Thomas McArthur, Thomas McCord, William Montgomery, Nathaniel Paul, Robert Renick, John Rutherford, John Sterling,Samuel Steel, George Sheets, William Smith, David Sterrett, Robert Fruit, Thomas Kennedy.

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001 pgs 13 & 14

Paxtang Continental Tax-1779. (Top of page)

John Alleman, Stophel Alleman, Conrad Alleman, Chrisley Alleman, John Armstrong, John Achia, Jacob All, Jacob B. Brand, George Bennett, Conroad Burghough, John Bowman, William Brown, John Barnett, John Barnett, Sr., Andrew Berryhill, Alexander Berryhill, William Boyd. Thomas Bell, Peter Bobb, William Bell, Thomas Braman, Henry Bolls, Peter Brener, John Boyer, James Burd, John Bowman (weaver), Bearfoot Brunson, Jacob Barkley, Casper Byerley, Felty Beaker, Philip Brown, Conroad Bobb, John Barris, Widow Boggs, John Buck, John Boughman, Sam Byers, John Brand, Max'll Chambers, Robert and Roland Chambers, Hugh Crocket, George Consort, Robert Caldwell, John Cavits, William Calhoon, John Chambers, William Cochran, James Cochran, Widow Caldwell, Hugh Cunningham, John Clendining, William Carson, Cornals Cox, Samuel Clemins, John Cline, James Cogley, John Cogley, James Crouch, Land sold by Carson, James Collier, John Clark, Frederick Cassel, Michael Cassel, George Carson, Richard Carson, Daniel Cooper, John Cassel, Matthew Calhoon, Samuel Cochran and James Sherer, James Cowden, John Cambel, James Cavit, Archibald Cambel, Philip Crinar, James Duncan, Robert Duglas, George Dickson, William Dickey & Porter, Peter Duffey, Christian Demmey, John Doneley, John Dinsey, John Davis, Rev. John Elder, Robert Elder, John Elder, Joshua Elder, John Elder, Jr., Adam Eckert, Stophel Earnist, Abraham Eagle, Joseph Flora, Jr., George Facklan, John Foster, John Fritz, Phillip Fisher, John Flackameer, Joseph Fultain, Bernard Fridley, George Fridley, Joseph Flora, Sr., Vendel Fachlar, Frederick Foster, Tames Finney, John Garber, John Gilcrist, Esq., John Gallaher, George Gray & Joseph, John Gauday, William Gibbins, John Graham, John Gilcrist, John Gray, Joseph Gregg, Robert Gilcrist, Joseph Hutchinson, Samuel Hutchinson, Andrew Huston, John Hatfield, Joseph Hufman, William Hetrick, Patrick Heaney, Henry Humbarger, John Hilton, Jacob Haldiman, John Harsha, John Harris, James Harris, Martin Houser, Tice Hoove, Patrick Hogan, Alexander Hetherton, John Hersha, Alexander Johnson, John Jamison, Peter Isonhaver, James Johnson, Joseph Ervin, William Kerr, Thomas King, William Keays, John Kinsley, William Kelso, Jacob Kerr, Joseph Keller, John Kisnor, Adam Kitchmiller, Will'm Kirkpatrick, Edward King, John Little, John Larkey, Widow Lider, Patrick Lusk, Adam Lampart, Michael Lyms, Francis and George Lerue, Jacob Lymes, John Maxwell, John Means, Alexander McHargue, William McMillen, George McMillen, William McRoberts, John McElhenney, Thomas McCormick, Robert Montgomery, Jacob Millar, Hugh Montgomery, John Matthews, John Meader, David Montgomery, James McKee, John Moor, Thomas Miller, George Millar, James McCoard, Jonathan McClure, Rowan McClure, Alexander McClure, Richard McClure, John Mumma, Thomas Murray, James Mahan, William McClure, Jacob Millar, John McKeary, Rev. Joseph Montgomery, William Montgomery, William McClanahan, Joseph Mark, John and James McKinney, Robert McWhorter, Thomas McArthur, John Murray, Andrew McClure, Robert Neel, Francis Nieckel (col.), Eliab Neagley, Widow Nab, George Heviland, John Noop, Abraham Nidigh, Christian Paige, Michael Peasinger, David Paton, Michael Pitner (Bitner), John Parthimar, Stephen Poorman, George Pancake, John Postlethwaite, Jacob Poorman, Jacob Peck, George Page, Peter Pancake, George Pile, Felty Pancake, Samuel Rutherford, Simeon Reardon, Hugh Robertson, Paul Randolph, James Rutherford, George Reniear, John Roop, Jacob Roop, Sr., Jacob Roop, Widow Renick, Capt. John Rutherford, David Ritchey, Michael Smith, Jacob Stricklar, Jacob Springer, Henry Stoner, John Steel, George Shanklin, William Simonton, William Swan, Richard Swan, Frederick Switser, Matthew Smith, Esq., George Shoop, Larrence Smith, Stophel Soop, Jeremiah Sturgeon, George Sheets, Andrew Stewart and Charles, Samuel Simpson, Sr., Joseph Simpson, Samuel Simpson, Jr., William Smith, Stophel Smith, Felty Snider, Andrew and Zach. Stephen, Hugh Stephen, Felty Spangler, Jacob Smith, Jacob Siders, Michael Sheaver, Michael Smith, Widow Shell's place, Joseph Shaw, Barnard Soop, Petter Smith, Elijah Stewart, George Sheets, Hugh Stewart, Leonard Sheets, John Shoemaker, Petter Shearer, Andrew Smith, Mary and Joseph Smith, Jacob Shafner, Robert Smith, David Toot, George Tevibaugh, Christley Temey, John Thompson, George Williams, Hugh Ray, Robert Wiley, John Wiggins, Josiah White, Leonard Wallower, Thomas Wiley, Joseph Wilson, Jr., Robert Whitehill, Mathias Winagel, James Wallas, John Winderley, Samuel Wiley, John Wilson, Sr., John Wilson, Jr., John Wilson, Jr., Alexander Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Sr., Joseph Wilson, Jr., Abner Wickersham, Hugh White, Widow Whitley, Moses Vance, Conrad Yoance.

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter :2/3/2001: pgs 14 & 15

Middletown-1779. (Top of page)

Mark Snider, Christian King, Daniel Con, Peter Shuster, John Snider, George Lowman, Felty Welker, Abraham Tarr, Henry Davis, Henry McCan, John Lenning, Peter Richart, John Myers, Henry Shaffner, Henry Harris, Martain Hemperley, Nicholas Castle, George Metsker, Philip Graft, George Fry, Christian Spayd, Ludwick Hemperley, Abraham Gross, Daniel Huffman, Dr. Robert Kenedy, Jacob Snider, Henry Millar, Frederick Zebernick, John Mitcher, John Bacenstose, John Holaback, John Defrance, Michael Gross, Conrad Wolfley, William Walls, Jacob King, Thomas and William Crabb, Alexander Jamison, Philip Shockey, Christian Shertz, Adam Means, George Gross, Patrick Scott, Samuel Parks, Thomas Minshall, David McClure, Daniel Dowdle, Thomas and Henry Moor, Peter Millar, Adam Millar, George Aman, David Atley, Philip Parthemore, Christian Heppeck, Paul Hemperley, Christopher Seabaugh, Henry Myers, Samuel Seratzy, Philip Etley, Frederick Hubley, William Crabb. Young Men-Conrad Toot, Joseph Barnett, William Cowden, James Spence, Robert Douglas, Anthoney Whikerel, John Miller (weaver), William Wilson, John Fleming, John Cochran, John Whitehill, Henry Bitner, Richard Hughs, John Darby, John Boyd, William Wright, Robert Elder, Thomas Strahan, James Currey, John Baird, Barnard Fridley, John Millar, George Smith, William Lochery, Adam Ritter, Frederick Overlander, William Witner, John Millar (stonecutter), Emanuel Bollinger, Michael Gross, David Shaw, Matthew Gilchrist, James Wiggins, Melhar Millar, Charles McCoy, Hugh McLay, Lodwick Dagon, Henry Alleman, John Page, John Fisher, Mathias Winagel (saddler), Stephen Poorman, Robert Clark, William Murray, Mungo Linsey, Abraham Brunson, William Stewart, Jacob Sider, David Toot, John Parks, Robert Gray, Thomas Murray, Peter Pancake, John McKnighton, John Shearer, John Stoner, Samuel Smith, Robert Marshall, Jacob Fridley, John McCaghan, Andrew Berreyhill, George Woods, Nicholas Nagle. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: Pg. 15

Upper Paxtang-1779. (Top of page)

Robert Armstrong, Sr., Robt. Armstrong, Jr., William Ayers, Richard Allison, Peter Brown, William Bell, John Bell, Sr., John Bell, Jr., Joseph Brown, John Brown, James Birney, Felty Brough, Widow Baskin, William Boyce, James Buchanan, James Bell, Thomas Black, James Black, Dan Black, Robert Boyd, Thos. Barnett, Robert Boyd (stiller), Hugh Calhoon, ______ Campbell, George Clark, John Chambers, Peter Corbit, John Cochran, William Campbell, Samuel Cochran, Joseph Colligan, James Clark, Robert Crawford, John Colligan, John Duncan, John Dice, David Davis, Jacob Eyman, John Elder, Adam Eckard, Stephen Forster, William Forster, William Foulks, James Forster, Conrad Fry, John Garber, Thos. Gallagher, Adam Gartner, Michael Garber, John Gilmore, Thomas George, Alexander George, Alexander Givins, William Gonow, Larry Hatton, Michael Herman, Anthony Hoone, George Holmes, Marcus Hulings, John Hatfield, Isaiah Jones, Isaac Jones, David Ireland, William Johnston, Widow Kessler, John Kinter, Thomas Kearns, William Kennedy, John Kays,William Linsey, James Leonard, Patt Lafferty, Joseph Little, Henry Little, Henry Leek, Henry McCloskey, Abraham Monney, Robert McGill, Patrick McElhare, John Mellan, Patt Martin, John Meetch, Robert  McCord, James McCall, John McFadden, James Murray, John Mordock, Joseph McElrath, Arch'd Murray, Widow Minsker, Widow McComb, John Murray, David McCracken, James McNamara, Martin Newbecker, Thos. Oarim, Sam'l Plough, Malachi Powell, Aaron Pecker, James Peacock, John Ryan, Sr., John Richmond, Alexander Randels, John Ringler, John Ryan, Jr., Conrad Rhoads, William Smith, Joseph and George Straw, Conrad Smith, Jacob Striker, Ludwick Shellman, Patt Sufferin, Thos. Sturgeon, Peter Snagerty, Michael Stiver, Robert Smith, John Simpson, Alexander Spear, James Sloane, George Simmons, John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, George Taylor, Jacob Tindorff, John Thomas, William Thompson, Thos. Thompson, Henry Vanderbach, Robert Walker, James Walker, Hugh Watt, Michael Yanelet. Freemen-John Snagerty, John Goldenberry, George Simmers, Herman Leek, Conrad Leek, Geo. Bell, Geo. Cochran, Peter Sturgeon, Philip Newbecker, Philip Tinturff, Christley Eyman, Jacob Eyman, John Ayres, John Boyce, James Spear, Henry Taylor, Isaiah Winn. Non- Resident Land-owners --Jacob Rizet, Peter Landish, Ruben Hains, John Cline, James Tillman, John Leadick, George Fry, John Cline, Bulls Land, Isaiah Jones, Peter Pelley, Alexander Bartram, Timothy Mattlack, John Flora, John Mumma, Person Harshaw, Bertram Galbraith, Robert Neal, Mich'l Herman, McClure's land, Dinnis Dougherty, John Meetch, Joseph Little, Widow Duncan, Widow Scot, Frederick Humble, Jacob Waggoner, Christian Hattocks. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: pgs. 15 & 16


Upper District, Wiconisco-1779. (Top of page)

John Boashart, Benjamin Buffington, Ludwick Bretz, Stephen Bend, Charles Barger, Cutlip Cline, Widow Cline, Widow Cooper, Philip Clinger, John Coleman, Michael Divler, Matthias Divler, John Didde, Joel Free, Anthony Fralick, George Fight, Peter Grubb, Peter Huffman, Nicholas Huffman, John Huffman, Jacob Herman, David Herman, Henry Haynes, Peter Heckart, Abraham Jury, Samuel Jury, William Ingram, Adam King, Stophel Lark, Daniel Leman, Jacob Mitz, John Miller, John Motter, John Myers, George Minnich, Nicholas Meek, Abram Neighbour, Geo. Nigla, Henry Omholtz, Joseph Philips, Richard Peters, John Powell, Jacob Bickel, William Rider, John Rider, Philip Roscoulp, George Riddle, George Supe, Yost Stiver, Michal Salady, Fitter Stonebreaker, Stophel Sheesly, John Sheesly, Jacob Sheesly, Jacob Shotts, Linord Snider, Jacob Smith, Lodwick Shotts, Michael Shadel, George Seal, John Salady, Zacheus Sponingberry, Abraham Snider, Christian Snoak, Michael Titrich, James Woodside, Martin Weaver, Henry Wolf, Adam Wertz, Jacob Weaver, Henry Werfel, Peter Woobery, Andrew Yeager, The Rev. Mr. Enderline. Freemen-Ludiwick Shotts, Jonathan Woodside, John Philips, John Herman, William Armagost, Jacob Easterly.

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001 : pg. 16

Located Tracts, Wiconisco-1779. (Top of page)

George Free, James Baeham, Nicholas Miller, Henry Winover, Abraham Riggey, Andrew Boggs, Stophel Martin, Crawford's land, Peter Isk, Abraham Reggey, John Shough, Isaac Keller, Frederick Stonebreaker, Martin Lowman, Thos. Carmichael, Geo. Eakard, Simeon Snider, Landis Winger, Arthur Tikert, Patt Work, Frederick Sleigh, Caleb Day, Simeon Snider and Groff, Aaron Levi, Bertram Galbraith, Daniel Williams, Felty Overlady, Michael Miller, Jacob Whitmore, William Poor, George Fry, John Cline, John Meckland, Philip DeHaas, Martin Cryder, Michael Groscolp, Simeon Brand, Frederick Deigh, Henry Wails, Sam. Sleight, Levi Simeon, Doctor Light, John Clendinin, George Free, John Didde, George Hawk, Blacher's land, Daniel Wolf, Simeon Snider, Daniel Mawer, Geo. Shaddle, Christley Snider, Philip Reel, Michael Welker, Henry Minsler, Jacob Shaver, John Hackard, Jacob Covel, Andrew Rigla.

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: pg. 16

West End of Derry-1756. (Top of page)

Adam Baum, Matthew Laird, William Spencer, Hugh Black, Thomas Black,James Ireland, John Laird, Adam Walker, Robert Taylor, William Breden, David Campbell, James Russell, Moses Patterson, John Cook, John Crockett, John Penelton, William Thompson, Lawrence McGill, Isaac Penelton, Moses Campbell, James Willey, William Sterrett, Samuel Murray, Robert Ramsey, James Walker, James Willson, William McCobb, William Drennan, James Semple, Thomas Park, Robert Bradshaw, Matthew Willson, Joseph Candor, Moses Willson, Stophel Shoop, Alexander Fleck, Adam Waggoner, James Carothers, Peter Barsh, John Singer, Jacob Couts, Dewalt Baker, Simon Singer, George Bombaugh, Henry Corber, Anthony Weirick, Peter Spengler, Peter Grossglas, David Etley, Edward Martin, John Tice, John Fleming, George Beaver, Francis Newcomer, Henry Hart, Jacob Albright, Max Spidel, Peter Kinder, James Chambers, Andrew Robinson, James Clark, Thomas Hall, Robert Willson, John Carr, John Vanlear, James McCoye, Samuel Shaw, Robert Carothers, John Weir, Hugh Carothers, Andrew Weir, George Wedaberger, Robert Armstrong, Andrew Hershey, John Mullen, Martin Brand, Ulry Hipsher, James Russell, Jacob Bromek. Freemen-James Swaty, James Harris, Robert Brety, Thomas Care, John Bowman, John Clark, Robert McKee, James Vanleer, James Henry, James McCormick, Mr. Hipsher's stepson, one Kennedy at James Cander's William Fomly. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: pgs. 18 & 19

East Side of Derry-1758. (Top of page)

Robert Allison, Jacob Albright, Adam Burckholder, John Bowman, Joseph Berryhill (weaver), Robert Boyd, William Boyd, Wendel Bow, John Campbell (Duncan's estate), John Campbell (McCord's land), James Campbell, Vincent Cooper, Michael Cassell, John Chestnut, Charles Clark, John Campbell, Anthony Carman, John Duncan, Leonard Deininger, Thomas Eakin, Nicholas Ebert, John Early, John Espy, George Espy, William Espy, Ludwick Elser, David Foster, Robert Foster, Widow Foster, James Foster, Melchoir Flenckpow, Henry Freek, Philip Fishburn, John Gourly, Jacob Grove, Frederick Hummel, John Kay, Anthony Hemperly, George Henry, Patrick Hay, Robert Hay, Hugh Hay, Widow Hall, John Hall, David Johnson, Adam Kettering, Felty Kettering, John Keesemer, Patrick Kelly, George Kelly, Stophel Liverton, Jacob Longnecker, Jacob Leman, John Logan, Thomas Logan, Felix Landis, Jr., Frederick Morral, John Montgomery, David Mitchel, Wendel Minick, Andrew Moor, William Moor, John Moor, John Maybane, John Maybane, Jr., Jacob Martin, Robert Mordah, Samuel Moor, Widow McCallen, Robert McCallen, John McCullough, Robert McCleery, William McCord, Neil McCallister, Thos. McCallen, John McCallister, John McQueen, Josiah McQueen, John McQueen, Jr., Nathaniel Nesbit, John Over, Widow Binneogle, Moses Potts, Jacob Brunk, Abraham Reamer, Philip Reamer, Abraham Reigal, John Roan, David Rea, Conrad Rash, Andrew Roan, John Rea, William Robinson, William Sawyer, Christly Snyder, John Sawyer, Jacob Steely, Christly Stickley, George Balsbach, Lumbard Shellan, Widow Sloan, Peter Dollenbough, Felty Dollenbough, John Tanner, David Taylor, William Willson, John Walker, Henry Walker, James Walter, John Walker, Conrad Washhon, Archibald Walker, James Willson, James Walker. Freemen-Joseph Carmony, Thomas Mitchel, James Carson, James Morton, Robert Kennedy, John Mordah, Robert Mordah, Jr. [I have been Eleven Days taking the return of the within Township. Robert Mordah. December 20th, 1758.]

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: pg. 19

West Side of Derry-1758. (Top of page)

Jacob Albright, Robert Armstrong, Widow Blackburn, Anthony Blessly, Michael Bachman, Thomas Bell (blacksmith), William Bredan, Hugh Black, Martin Brand, Adam Baum, Peter Barsh, George Bombaugh, George Beaver, Dewalt Baker, Thomas Black, Arthur Chambers (for James Chambers' land), William & John Carson, Hugh Carothers, James Clark, James Carothers, Jacob Couts, Joseph Candor, Robert Cryder, Arthur Chambers, Robert Chambers, Moses Campbell, John Crocket, Adam Dalker, William Dreunan, David Etley, George Frey, John Fleming, Michael Gensel, Michael Hoover, Jr., Ulry Hipsher, Frederick Hummel, Adam Hamaker, Thomas Hall, Andrew Hershey, Jr., Michael Hoover, John Harris, Esq., James Ireland, John Carr, Peter Kinder, John Laird, Matthew Laird, Felix Landis, Samuel Murray, Lewis Murray, John Newcomer, Albert Nelson, James Nelson, Robert Nelson, Francis Newcomer, Thomas Park, Moses Patterson, John Porterfield, Samuel Reed, James Russell, Sr., James Russell, Robert Ramsey, Andrew Robinson, William Stricker, Stoffel Shoop, William Starrett, Daniel Straw, Geo. Stevenson, Esq., William Spencer, Mathias Stahl, Peter Spengler, Simon Singer, John Singer, Philip Shuger, Widow Semple, Max Spidle, James Shaw, Alexander Sterrett, Jacob Stouffer, Robert Taylor, John Tice, John Vanlear, John Vance, John Willson (non-resident land), George Westberry, Conrad Wolfley, Adam Waggoner, Matthew Willson, Robert Walker, Moses Willson, Samuel Walker, Anthony Weirick, Lawrence McGill, Edward McConnal, Hector McClain, Samuel McCormick, William McComb, Robert McKee, Widow McKee. Freemen-James Harris, George Shinlin, Lawrence Strickler, Frederick Cassler, John McCollough, James Vanlear, James Henry, James Snoddy, John Waugh, Andrew Lenny, James Fenton, James Walker, John Bowman. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/3/2001: pg. 19

Derry Township-1769. (Top of page)

Adam Slaymaker, Alexander Fleck, Andrew Bayer, Abraham Strickler, Anna Ireland, Abraham Derr, Andrew Shredly, Anthony Blessly, Abraham Copa, Archy Montgomery, Adam Thomas, Adam Baum, Bedy Blackburn, Bernard Queen, Christy Stouffer, Jennie Chambers, Cassel Beyers, Christly Smith, Christly Brunner, Christy Alleman, David McHorter, Galloway's land, David Clinn, David From, Benjamin Hershey, David Johnson, Felix Landis, Frederick Hess, Frederick Zeller, Frederick Brandsletter, Frederick Shott, George Balsbaugh, George Pfeil, Henry Slaymaker, Henry Landis, Henry Fritz, Handel Wentz, Henry Hoover, John Semple, John Kaufman, John Brindel, John Hamaker, John Laird, Jacob Haldeman, John Raysor, John Borrish, John Singer, Jacob Smith, John Hershey, Jacob Lime, Joseph Brinn, James Russel, Jacob Metzger, John Abler, John Witmer, James Shaw, Jacob Ross, Joseph Kinder, John Carr, Jacob Nissly, Isabel Hall, Joseph Reif, John Fleming, John Evans, John Parthemore, Moses Wilson, Martin Houser, Mathias Young, Moses Campbell, Mathias Bricket, Max Spidle & Son, Matthew Laird, Martin Brand, Michael Hoover, Nicholas Bass, Peter Berst, Peter Bucks, Peter Grosglass, Robert Crotter, Robert McKee, Robert Walker, Robert Dollar, Robert Brickey, Galloway's land, Robert Allison, Robert Ramsey, David Ramsey, Stophel Alliman, Oliver Ramsey, Samuel Rich, Galloway's land, Sarah Chambers, Samuel Clark, George Bower, Christopher Bogner, Andrew Ridlinger, Martin Reaf, Adam Dean, Michael Kramer, Widow Wetherholt, Peter Spate, Jacob Reigert, Christian King. Freemen-Frederick Stahl, Daniel Staper. 

Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter: 2/6/01: Pgs. 19 & 20

Derry Township 1770 (Top of page)

Robert Allison, Stophel Alliman, John Abler, Christy Alliman, Jacob Albright, George Balsbaugh, Elisha Blackburn, Peter Bucks, Anthony Blessly, Martin Brand, Peter Berst, Cassel Beyers, Adam Baum, Martin Brand, Ludwick Brand, John Boorish, Nicholas Bass, Joseph Brim, George Bails, Mathias Bricker, Christley Braneer, John Parthemore, Abraham Copa, Daniel Clim, Moses Campbell, Sarah Chambers, Samuel Clark, John Carr, Robert Crotter, Isaac Chambers, Abraham Derr, William Denn, Jacob Dudmilen, William Ears, John Evans, Alexander Fleck, Henry Fretz, John Fleming, David From, Peter Grosglas, Joseph Galloway, Archy Montgomery, John Gingrich, Adam Hamaker, Frederick Hess, John Hamaker, Jacob Haldeman, Michael Huber, Henry Hamaker, Andrew Hershey, David McHorten, Isabell Hall, Anna Ireland, David Johnson, John Kaufman, Jacob Kass, Robert McKee, Joseph Kinder, Adam Lambert, Henry Landis, Peter Landis, Mathew Laird, William Laird, John Laird, Jacob Linn, Wendel Minek, Jacob Max, Jacob Metzger, Elias Nagly, Henry Nover, Jacob Nissly, John Prentill, William Brinton, Bernhard Queen, John Raysor, James Russell, Samuel Reith, Thomas Ramsey, Robert Ramsey, Joseph Reif, Stophel Rernsway, Max Spidle, Andrew Sherdly, Max Spidle (inmate), Christly Stouffer, John Singer, Christly Smith, Abraham Strickler, Frederick Shott, Jacob Smith, James Shaw, Daniel Sharrat, John Sampel, Ulry Sharr, William Shaw, Stophel Shoop, Adam Thomas, Henry Thomas, Moses Wilson, Wendel Wentz, John Witmer, Robert Walker, James Welsh, Matthew Young, Frederick Zeller.

Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/11/01

Pg. 20

Frederick Town 1770 (Top of page)

Peter Spare, Jacob Reigert, Sussanah Wetherholdt, Bastian Crawas, John Cramer, Christian King, Frederick Hummel, Widow Emerick, Ludwick Shad, Jacob Haman, Andrew Ridlinger, Adam Deen, Bernard Fridley, Jacob Myer, Christopher Bogner, John Philips, Jacon Isaac, Henry Bessem, Andrew Herauf, Henry Sheaffer. Freemen—Henekel Ebert, Wm. Krap, Bernard Folk, Samuel Hall, Jacob Fridley, George Shoop.

Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/11/01

Pg. 20

East End of Hanover Return - 1750 (Top of page)

Joseph Willson’s land, 100 a.; John Dixon, 100 a.; Hugh McQown, 100 a.; John Ramsey, 100 a.; Edward McMurray, 100 a.; Jacob Stuckey (upon a rented place), Mathias Plouts, 100 a.; William Stover, 100 a.; Jacob Stover, 100 a.; Thomas Strain, 50 a.; John Myers, 100 a.; William Woods, 100 a.; Robert Strain, 50 a.; Joseph Todd, 100 a.; John Todd, 100 a.; Walter Bell, 140 a.; Jos. McCourtney, 50 a.; James Dixon, 100 a.; William Thomson, 50 a.; John Strain, 100 a.; Robert Heslet & Porterfield (upon a rented place), John Crawford, 100 a.; William Robinson, 100 a.; Peter Stuart’s land, 100 a.; Humphrey Cunningham, 100 a.; Stophel Sees, 100 a.; Henry Hover, 100 a.; Samuel Grevy, 50 a.; Thomas Shonla, 100 a.; John Young, 200 a.; Adam Reed, 200 a.; John Sloan, 100 a.; John Sloan, 100 a.; Samuel Sloan, 100 a.; William Young, 200 a.; Joseph Clark, 100 a.; Abraham Williams, 200 a.; Jack Williams, 100 a.; William Clark, 100 a.; George Titel, 100 a.; Jonathan Hide (freeman), Robert Gibson (freeman), Joseph Haupt, 100 a.; Hugh Gilliland, 150 a.; John Foster, 100 a.; Widow Nidig, 100 a.; John Andrew, 100 a.; Durst Brightbill, 200 a.; William Watson’s land, 100 a.; Robert Berger (a poor man), Brice Innis, 200 a.; John Morton, 50 a.; Thomas Prest, 200 a.; John _____, 150 a.; Jos. Greenlee, 50 a.; John Thomson, 40 a.; Andrew McMehon, 40 a.; Anthony McCreight, 50 a.; George Shekley (upon a rented place), John Creage, 160 a.; Patrick Gillespie, 100 a.; John Grevy, 100 a.; Alexander Thomson, 100 a.; Alexander Sloan, 100 a.; Joseph Grevy, 100 a.; Samuel _____, 100 a.; John Brown, 100 a.; Barnet McNitt, 50 a.; John McCloone, 50 a.; Jacob Ricar, 50 a.; Adam McNiley, 50 a.; John Henderson, 50 a.; John Andrews, 100 a.; Patrick Brown, 50 a.; Lazarus Stuart, 100 a.; John Coningham, 100 a.; William Coningham, 100 a.; Joseph Stuart, 200 a.; Leonard Longe, 100 a.; Walter McFarland’s land, 150.; Peter Walmer, 100 a.; Joseph Smiley, 80 a.; Jacob Moser, 50 a.; Moses Vance, 100 a.; John Bruner, 100 a.; Peter Hetrick, 100 a.; John Kechiler, 50 a.; John Gilliland, 100 a.; Henry Bachman, 100 a.; Mathias P_____, 100 a.; Philip Maur, 100 a.; Mike H_____, 50 a.; George Shepard, 100 a.; Paul Shepard, 50 a.; Joseph Young, 50 a.; Martin Light, 50.; _____ _____, 100 a.; Young John Tike, 50a.; John Toops, 100 a.; Jacob Toops, 100 a.; Roudey Hauk, 100 a.; Peter Bucher, 30 a.; Philip Colpe, 50 a.; _____ _____, 50 a.; Benjamin Clark, 100 a.; Joseph Williams, 100 a.; Widow Tittle, 100 a.; Anthony Rosenbome, 200 a.; John Stuart, 100 a.; Jacob Ricar, 30 a.; Robert Hinkroad, 100 a.; Conrad Ick, 50 a.; Jonathan Hume (freeman), Robert Gibson (freeman), Frederick _____ (freeman).

Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/11/01

Pgs. 20 & 21

East End of Hanover 1756 (Top of page)

Durst Brightbill, Andrew Karsnits, John Foster, John Young, Martin Light, William Young, James Williams, Joseph Hoof, Daniel Angony, Samuel Sloan, John Sloan, Mathias Door, James Clark, Isaac Williams, John Stuart, James Young, John Andrew, Adam Reed, Esq., Benjamin Clark, George Tittle, John Forney, John Dubbs, John Weaver, Rudy Houk, Jacob Dubbs, Anthony Rosenbom, John Tibbin, Jr., John Tibbin, Sr., George Sheffer, Devolt Angony, William Clark, Peter Hedrick, Nicholas Winter, Adam Harper, James Stuart, Lazarus Stuart, Patrick Brown, John Cunningham, Henry Weaver, Stophel Sees, Adam McNelly, Jacob Rigard, Thomas Price, John Crawford, William Graham, Alexander Martin, William Thomson, John Mire, James Dixon, Walter Bell, William Woods, James Todd, James McCurry, Christopher Ploutz, Brice Innis, George Miller, Isaac Sharp, Jacob Stover, William Stover, John Jacob Stover, John Thomson, John Dixon, William James, Widow Cunningham, Leonard Miller, John Anderson, Anthony McCreight, James McCrory. Freemen—William Wootsen, John Hume, Thomas Hume, John McClure, Samuel Endsworth, John Compbler, John Egterson, Anthony McCreight.

Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/11/01

Pg. 21

West End of Hanover 1756 (Top of page)

Mathew Snoddy, Joseph Willson, John McCormick, Henry McCormick, Adam Hamaker, Widow Parks, Lorance Ralican, David McClenaghen, Sr., David McClenaghen, John McNeely, James Finney, Thomas Finney, Robert Snodgrass, Robert Love, Samuel Young, Daniel Shaw, John Woods, Charles McClure, John Taylor, John Hutchinson, Daniel Brown, Widow Rodgers, Seth Rodgers, Samuel Stewart, Hugh Rogers, Wm. Rogers, Joseph McKnight, James Baird, William Thompson, William Truesdell, Matthew Thornton, Francis McClure, William Rogers, John Brown, Alexander McElhenny, Samuel Robinson, Thomas French, James Finney, James French, Thomas Sharp, John Sharp, John Cooper, William Cooper, John Thompson, David Furgison, William Allen, John McClure, James Wright, Thomas Robinson (miller), Michael McNeely, James Robinson, John Stuart, Thomas McMullin, John Miller, Robert Martin, Samuel Stuart, Gyon Strain, James Rippeth, Robert Wallace, James Willson, Matthew Taylor, Hugh Willson, Antoney Ealor, William Galbraith, Benjamin Wallace, Samuel Barnett, Robert Porterfield, Joseph Hutchinson, Robert Montgomery, Philip Ambrister. —Francis McClure, Collector.

Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/10/01

Pg. 21

Hanover Assessment 1769 (Top of page)

Samuel Sterret, 150 a.; John Shergs, 100 a.; Archibald Sloan, 150 a.; Samuel Sloan, 150a.; John Stuart, 200 a.; James Stuart, 200 a.; Lazarus Stuart, 200 a.; George Shever, 150 a.; James Ripeth, 100 a.; Hugh Ripeth, 100 a.; William Ripeth, 50 a.; James Robinson, 200 a.; E. Rosenbery, 100 a.; Effey Robinson, 260 a.; James Riddel, 150 A.; James Riddel, Jr., 150 a.; Ketren Rogers, 100 a.; John Rogers, 100 a.; Adam Rogers, 100 a.; Adam Rogers, 80 a.; Philip Robinson, 190 a.; Joseph Ripeth, 80 a.; George Rogers, 100 a.; James Rogers, 200 a.; Jacob Richer, 100 a.; Thomas Robinson, 100 a.; Adam Reed, Esq., 290 a.; Christian Ramberey, 100 a.; Robert Huston, 150 a.; Joseph Hutchinson, 120 a.; Joseph Hutchison, 150 a.; John Hay, 100 a.; Robert Hume, 190 a.; Bartholmew Heans, 100 a.; John Hutchison, 200 a.; Adam Harper, 320 a.; Peter Hetrick, 150 a.; Joseph Huff, 150 a.; Ruddy Hooke, 100 a.; John Henderson, 100 a.; John Hill, 200 a.; Thomas Hume, 100 a.; John Haloback, James Beard, 100 a.; Robert Bell, 255 a.; William Brown, 150 a.; William Barnet, 150 a.; Andrew Brown, 100 a.; William Brandon, 100 a.; Daniel Brown, 100 a.; Thomas Bell, 100 a.; Thomas Bell, 180 a.; Martha Barnet, 200 a.; Samuel Brown, 100 a.; John Brown, 200a.; John Brown, 100 a.; William Brown, 100 a.; George Brightbill, 218 a.; Barnet Besore, 100 a.; Mathias Besor, 100 a.; Jacob Besor, 100 a.; William Cooper, 100 a.; Adam Clemar, 50 a.; John McCollough, 150 a.; William Clark, 150 a.; William Clark; Benjamin Clark, 200 a.; James Clark, 90 a.; John Campbell, 200 a.; William McClure; Mary Conyngham, 100 a.; Elizabeth Conyngham, 200 a.; John Crawford, 100 a.; Frances McClure, 100 a.; James McClure, 100 a.; John Crawford, Jr., 50 a.; Henry Counts, 80 a.; James McClure, 150 a.; James Parke, 100 a.; Thomas Price, 65 a.; Mary Price, 120 a.; Robert Porterfield, 100 a.; Matthew Snodey, 120a.; Robert Snodgrass, 120 a.; Joseph Snodgrass, 140 a.; John Stren, 100 a.; John Smiley, 100 a.; George Smiley, 100 a.; Daniel Shaw, 150 a.; Samuel Stuart, 150 a.; John Stuart, 100 a.; John Swan, 100 a.; John Tibney, Sr., 100 a.; John Tubs, 100 a.; Jacob Tubs, 200 a.; George Tittel, 150 a.; William Thompson (weaver), 100 a.; William Ferguson, 200 a.; Thomas French, 100 a.; John Foster, 211 a.; Walter McFarland, 200 a.; Ruddy Fray, 200 a.; John Fox, 200 a.; Thomas Finey, 50 a.; James Finey, 100 a.; James Finey, Sr., 180 a.; Thomas Finey, 50 a.; James French, 50 a.; James Low; Samuel Young, 50 a.; William Young, 230 a.; John Young, 295 a.; Robert Martin, 100 a.; Robert Montgomery, 80 a.; John Montgomery, 250 a.; Thomas McMullen, 150 a. Freemen—John Parke (weaver), James Petticrew (weaver), George McMullen (weaver), William Clark, John McClure (weaver), George Shanklen (weaver), David Stren (shoemaker), William Dermond (weaver), Samuel Robinson, Robert Hill, John Wilken (schoolmaster), Hugh Willson, James Andrew (blacksmith), James Andrew, John McFarland (carpenter), William Willson; William McElheney, 200 a.; Samuel Endsworth, 100 a.; Doctor John Letes: Sebastian Kinsner, 150 a.; William Allen, 200 a.; Joseph McNutt, 100 a.; Matthew Gelor, 100 a.; Robert Brown, 100 a.; Mary Dermond, 200 a.; James Wright, 100 a.; Matthias Poor, 100 a.; Patrick Brown, 90 a.; William Diver (tailor); John Dixon, 250 a.; James Dixon, 200 a.; John Andrew, 150 a.; John Andrew, 200 a.; Timothy McGuire, 200 a.; James McQuown, 265 a.; John McQuown, 299 a.; Brice Innis, 229 a.; William James, 190 a.; John Gettey; William Graham, 111 a.; Edward McGlanigen, 100 a.; William Graham, 130 a.; John Gililand, 100 a.; James Greenlee, 100 a.; John Graham, 100 a.; Hugh Glenn, 50 a.; James Todd, 200 a.; John Thompson, 200 a.; James Taggert; John Thomson, 130 a.; William Thornton, 100 a.; William Thomson, 80 a.; William Trousdal, 200 a.; John Thomson, 100 a.; John Tibens, 100 a.; John Taylor, 150 a.; James Willson, 199 a.; Hugh Willson, 199 a.; Robert Wallace, 200 a.; Joseph Willson, 103 a.; Andrew Woods, 190 a.; Thomas Willson (weaver); Peter Walmer, 130 a.; James Williams, 98 a.; John Weaver, 100 a.; James Willson, 200 a.; William Wattson, 100 a.; Henry McCormick, 150 a.; John McCord, 100 a.; David McClanochan, 150 a.; John McClanochan, 150a.; John McCormick, 100 a.; Anten McCreight, 80 a.; William McClure, 90 a.; Thomas McClure, 90 a.; John McClure, 100 a.; Eleanor McClure, 150 a.; William McClintock, 390 a.; Alexander McColm, 100 a.; John Cameron (one cow), William Gargin (one cow), John Glenn (one cow).


Transcribed by: Judy Warner Bookwalter, 2/10/01

Pgs. 21 & 22

Historical Review of Dauphin County
Transcribed by Judy Warner Bookwalter for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project -
Date of Transcription: 31 Jan 2001
Copyright (c) 2001 - All Rights Reserved: Use, duplication or reproduction for profit or presentation by any person or organization is strictly prohibited.

Hanover Assessment - 1782 (Top of page)

Capt. William Allen, Joseph Allen, James Andrew, Widow Andrew, Francis Alberthal, Nicholas Alberthal, Michael Boughman, John Brown, Sr., William Brown, Esq., Samuel Bell, Widow Baird, William Brown, Samuel Brown, Jr., Phillip Brand, John Brown, Joseph Barnet, William Branden, Jacob Bowen, Andrew Brown, George Brouse, Michael Brown, Philip Bomgartner, Peter Bridbile, John Bridbile, Capt. Daniel Bradley, Balzer Bomgartner, John Bear, Robert Bell, John Backer, John Bomgartner, David Caldwell, Jacob Cook, Esq., Andrew Cooper, James Calhoon, Richard Crawford, John Cooper, Widow Crawford, Joseph Crain, William Cathcart, George Crain, Patrick Cunningham, Capt. Ambrose Crain, Widow Campbell, Benjamin Clark Jr., Michael Cunkle, Andrew Carvery, Henry Clover, John Craig, James Caldwell, James Dixon's widow, Richard Dixon, Sankey Dixon, Richard Dearmond, John Dollinger, Peter Ebersole, Robert Ewing, Christian Early, Josias Espy, John Entsworth, Emanuel Tuye, Samuel Ferguson, Michael Finlaw, Adam Firebough, Thomas Finey, Robert Fleoman, John Ferguson, Widow French, Anthony Fox, Richard Finley, Samuel Finey, Casper Freeman, Thomas Frederick, Robert Folten, Timothy Green, Esq., Joseph Green, John Graham, Hugh Glenn, James Graham, Capt. William Graham, Henry Graham, Henry Graham in trust, Robert Greenlee, Curtis Grubb & Co., Christian Huber, John Herring, Andrew Horner, Adam Hamaker, John Hume, Leonard Humbarger, Joseph Hutchison, Abraham Host, James Hamble, John Harper, Conrad Helm, Henry Hess, William Hedrick, Peter Hedrick, George Hedrick, Thomas Hume, Widow Hill, Isaac Harrison, David Hoy, John Huber, George Haynes, Joseph Hutchinson, Sr., Richard Johnson, James Johnson, Israel Low, Andrew Kerr, Robert Kenaday, Thomas Kennedy, Andrew Killinger, Samuel Kearsley, Ludwig Kleck, Peter Kingrey, Daniel King, Maj. Abraham Latcha, Widow Leidy, Jacob Lose, John Lose, Henry Lowmiller, Widow Low, John McClintock, William Montgomery, Esq., William Montgomery, Capt. William McCullough, William Miskimons, James McMullen, John McCown, John McCown in trust, William Michael, John McCormick's widow, Robert Moody, Thomas McNear, Widow McCormick, James McClure, Conrad Moyer, George Minig, Jacob Moyer, Killian Mark, George Mease, Jacob Millen, John McCord, Daniel Musser, William McFarland, Michael Moura, John McCallen, John McCallen in trust, Capt. James McCreight, Thomas McCord, David McGuire, Martin Miley, Barnard McNutt, Daniel Miller, James Porter, James Parks, Robert Porterfield, Michael Polse, Joseph Pirkey, Nicholas Poor, Frederick Peasore, Mathias Peasore, George Peasore, George Peasore, John Bruner, John Pickel, James Pet, Col. John Rogers, Jacob Righard, William Robinson, Jacob Ram, James Ripeth, James Robinson, William Ripeth, James Rogers, Widow Ram, Jeremiah Rogers, William Riddle, William Rogers, John Robinson, John Rouck, Samuel Robinson, George Rumberger, Peter Rambol, Peter River, John Rayer, David Ramsey, William Ramsey, Philip Rank, Martin R____, George Ramsey & Co., John Romatch, John Righard, John Righard in trust, Jacob Road, Adam Stone, Balzer Stone, John Snodgrass, Samuel Sturgeon, Widow Swan, Samuel Stewart, John Snyder, Robert Sturgeon, Peter Spelsbough, William Snodgrass, John Sterritt, Henry Sharp, Jacob Sant, Jacob Sprecher, John Simmerman, Ulrey Sachery, William Snody, Henry Sigler, Widow Stewart, John Shuby, Michael Seltzer, Archibald Sloan, Widow Stewart, William Stewart, Q. M., Philip Seidensticker, Nicholas Snyder, Peter Smelzers, William Sloan, Henry Shue, Abraham Stine, John Symon, Alexander Sloan, Widow Strean, John Shue, Ludwig Searing, Valentine Shouffler, John Tod, David Tod, Robert Templeton, James Tagart, William Trous, John Thompson, John Thompson, Sr., George Title, William Thome, Jacob Tups, John Tubbin, Jacob Tubbins, James Tod, Capt. James Wilson, Thomas Walker, Widow White, Andrew Waler, George Ward, James Waller, Andrew Wilson, Hugh Wilson, James Wilson, Sr., George Wallmore, John Weaver, Jacob Wolf, Deobald Wentling, Christian Wingard, Abraham Wingard, Peter Walmore, Sr., Peter Wallmore, John Winter, Bartholmew Wentle, William Young, Jr., James Young. Inmates - Benjamin Fulton, Jacob Houck, John Martin, Robert Fulton, Neal Matten, John Elder, Alexander Foster, John Patterson, David Moffett, Francis Ferguson, David Kingrey, William Clockey, James Wilson, Robert Lues, Hugh Morris, Valentine Spelsbough, George Bruner, Frederick Bickel, John Stover, Michael Moyer, John Moore, Patrick Gallent, James Bradden, Robert McFarland, William Fleeman, John Dunlay, Robert Strain, David Hays, Alexander Mc___, James Johnson, Alexander Hechet, William Cunningham, Charles McElroy, Hugh Jolly, Henry Menig, George Maura, John Pitre, John McBride, John Young (smith), Smith, Andrew Young, Henry Bruner, John Wallmore, James Robinson, Jacob Creamor, Peter Weiry, John Armstrong, George Espy, Adam Weaver, Eave Huffnagle. Freeman - John Young, Nicholas Bruner, John Bruner, Henry Stone, Henry Peasore, Duncan Sinkler, Martine Miller, William Hume, Hugh Rippelly, Edward Striddle, John Morrison. People living over the mountain - John Smiley, Jacob Graff, Jacob Fealer, George Unger, Peter Bucher, Casper Grasson, Christian Fox, Thomas Smiley, David Petticrue, Conrad Smith, John Shups, George Sider, Abraham Alles, John Carverry, Peter Kling.

"History of Dauphin County"
Transcribed by Gwen Bixler Drivon, for Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project -
Date of transcription: Oct. 12 to 18, 2000
Copyright c 2000 - All Rights Reserved: Use, duplication or reproduction for profit or presentation by any person or organization is strictly prohibited.

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