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Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project Guidelines

bulletPlease don't volunteer if you don't intend to complete the pages you request
bulletDon't ask for more pages than you can complete in a single month
bulletYou may keep the photo copied pages that you transcribe from
bulletYou may use whatever word processor you desire with the following guidelines
bulletDo not use carriage returns between lines, only at the end of a paragraph
bulletUse single spacing
bulletUse a Normal Times New Roman font, 12 point.
bulletSave the document in RTF (Rich Tech Format)
bulletDo not use any special formatting like bold or italics
bulletInclude spelling errors from the original document
bulletEach document submitted must have the following notice included at the top of the document. Biographical sketches are different. Click the button above (Bio Sample) for the correct format,
bullet(Title being transcribed) (You will be given this when you receive your pages)
bulletTranscribed by (your name) (your email address) for The Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project -
bulletDate of transcription: DD MON YYYY (ie. 09 Sep 2000)
bulletCopyright 2001 - All Rights Reserved: Use, duplication or reproduction for profit or presentation by any person or organization is strictly prohibited. 
bulletCorrections or additions to a biography will be accepted and added as a footnote
bulletSpread the word about the project by placing a link on your homepage
bulletThat's about it. Real simple!