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RUTHERFORD, CAPT. JOHN, son of Thomas Rutherford, the pioneer, was born February 16, 1737, in Donegal, Lancaster county, Pa. He accompanied his father to Paxtang in 1755. In the year 1760, in connection with the latter, he purchased the plantation, containing nearly four hundred acres, on which Rutherford station, on the Philadelphia & Reading railroad, is now (1895) located. This property, although divided into three tracts, is still owned by the descendants; and his mansion house, built before the Revolution, is used as a dwelling by his great-grandchildren. When the troubles with England arose, which led to the struggle for independence, he was active in his opposition to British tyranny. He was a member and officer, throughout the war, of the "Liberty Association of Pennsylvania," and served as captain of a company in the campaigns of 1776 and 1777 in the Jerseys and Eastern Pennsylvania. He afterwards commanded a detachment from several companies agains the Indians. Throughout his life we find Mr. Rutherford's name connected with many enterprises, both civil and ecclesiastical, which show him to have been a representative man and trusted citizen. He died at his home in Paxtang October 2, 1804. Captain Rutherford married, February 4, 1762, Margaret Parke, born 1737; died January 18, 1810.