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STEWART, ANDREW, was the son of Andrew Stewart and Mary Dinwiddie, whose remains lie in old Paxtang churchyard. The first Andrew Stewart with his brother Archibald Stewart came to America prior to 1733 and settled in Paxtang township, then Lancaster county, Pa. The former remained there, while Archibald drifted down the Kittochtinny Valley into the Valley of Virginia, and settled in Augusta county, that State. He was the head of a large family and whose descendants have been represented in the recenty history of our country by the rebel chieftain, Gen. James E. B. Stuart "the Murat of the Confederacy," and by the Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, a prominent Virginia stateman of the old regime [prev word ital]. The youngest son of Andrew Stewart, Sr., was the subject of our sketch, also named Andrew. He was born in Paxtang in 1748, and was a farmer by occupation. He was one of the leaders of the movement for the erection of the new county of Dauphin, and hence was named as one of the commissioners. In 1792 Mr. Stewart sold his plantation in Paxtang, and removed to Western Pennsylvania. He died in Allegheny county about the year 1827, the date of his will being he 14th day of June that year. Capt. John Rutherford and Thomas Brown, of the county of Dauphin, were the executors named in his will, but the former passed away before the settlement of the estate. We have no information as to any descendants.