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AINSWORTH, SAMUEL, son of John Ainsworth and his wife, Margaret Mayes, who was born November 11, 1765, in Hanover township. His grandfather, of the same name, with his wife Margaret Young, were settlers in Hanover in 1736. In 1756 the family was driven out by the Indians and one of the children captured. The latter was never retaken. Samuel was brought up on his fatherís farm in Hanover, receiving a yearís education in Philadelphia in addition to that acquired in the schools of the neighborhood. After the organization of the county he became quite prominent, and twice elected to the Legislature. He died while in attendance on this body, in Philadelphia, in February, 1798. Mr. Ainsworth married, May 10, 1792, by Rev. James Snodgrass, Margaret McEwen, daughter of Richard McEwen; born 1770, in Hanover; died October 29, 1867, near Lancaster, Ohio.