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ALRICKS, JAMES, was fourth in descent from Pieter Alricks, who became very prominent in the early settlement of the Dutch on the Delaware, was a member of the first Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania, and from 1685 to 1680 served as one of William Penn’s counselors. James Alricks was born December 2, 1769, at Carlisle, Pa., and died October 28, 1833, at Harrisburg, Pa. He received a good education in the schools of the day, and was brought up to a mercantile life. In 1791-92, he was engaged in business in May Town, Lancaster county, and in 1814 he removed with his family from Lost Creek Valley to Harrisburg. He was a man of extensive reading, passionately fond of books, and he regarded an honest man, of fine education and refined manners, as the most remarkable object on the face of the earth. After his father’s death, he was raised on a farm in Donegal, Lancaster county, and used to say at that period no one could get an education for want of teachers. While lamenting his own lack of education, he was remarkably well acquainted with history, ancient and modern, and with geography. He was likewise quite familiar with the writings of Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Burns, Campbell, etc. While living in the prime of life on the Juniata, he was delighted to meet and converse with such men as the Rev. Matthew Brown, the first Dr. Watson, of Bedford, Judge Jonathan Walker (the father of Robert J. Walker), William R. Smith, etc. On March 10, 1821, he was appointed clerk of the orphans’ court and quarter sessions, serving until January 17, 1824. He subsequently served as one of the magistrates of the borough. Mr. Alricks, married, July 21, 1796, at Harrisburg, by Rev. N.R. Snowden, Martha Hamilton, born August 5, 1776; died march 16, 1830: daughter of John Hamilton and Margaret Alexander.