BEATTY, George
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BEATTY, GEORGE, youngest son of Capt. James Beatty, was born January 4, 1781, at Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, county of Down, Ireland. He received a good early education in the Latin school of John Downey, and learned watch and clock-making with his brother-in-law, Samuel Hill, whose clocks are more or less celebrated to this day. In 1808 Mr. Beatty established himself in business, which he continued uninterruptedly for upwards of forty years. He was an ingenious mechanician and constructed several clocks of peculiar and rare invention. In 1814 he was orderly sergeant of Capt. Thomas Walker's company, the Harrisburg Volunteers, which marched to the defense of the city of Baltimore. Mr. Beatty in early life took a prominent part in local affairs, and, as a consequence, was frequently solicited to become a candidate for office, but he almost invariably declined. He, nevertheless, served a term as director of the poor, and also as county auditor. He was elected burgess of the borough on three several occasions and was a member of the town council several years, and, while serving in the latter capacity was one of the prime movers in the effort to supply the borough with water. Had his suggestions, however, been carried out, the water-works and reservoir would have been located above the present city limits. Mr. Beatty retired from a successful business life about 1850. He died at Harrisburg on the 10th of March, 1862, aged eighty-one years, and is interred in the Harrisburg cemetery. He was an active, enterprising and upright Christian gentleman. Mr. Beatty was thrice married: married, first, May 18, 1815, by Rev. George Lochman, D. D., Eliza White, daughter of Williaim White, born January 20, 1797; died September 10, 1817.

Mr. Beatty, married, secondly, November 22, 1820, by Rev. George Lochman, D. D., Sarah Smith Shrom, daughter of Casper Shrom and Catharine Van Gundy, born January, 15, 1796, at York, Pa; died August 25, 1828.

Mr. Beatty married, thirdly, September 21, 1830, by Rev. Eliphalet Reed. Catharine Shrom, born December 26, 1807, at York, Pa.; died August 11,1891, at Harrisburg, Pa.