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BUCHER, JOHN JACOB, son of the Rev. John Conrad Bucher, a noted early divine as well as an officer during the French and Indian war, was born January 1, 1764, in Carlisle, Pa. In 1790, located in Harrisburg as a hatter and furrier; in 1796, elected coroner of Dauphin county; in 1798, appointed justice of the peace by Governor Mifflin, and represented Dauphin county in the Pennsylvania Legislature, sitting at Lancaster, nine successive terms from 1803. In 1810 he was appointed by Governor Snyder one of the commissioners for the erection of the public buildings at Harrisburg. In 1818, appointed by Governor Findlay an associate judge for the county of Dauphin, filling the office, honorably, until his death, October 16, 1827. Endowed with great wisdom and sagacity, and of unimpeachable integrity and honesty, he was called upon to fill many public and private trusts of honor and responsibility. His remains now lie in the Harrisburg cemetery. Judge Bucher married, March 27, 1792, Susanna Margaret Hortter, one of the five daughters of John Valentine Hortter, of Spires, Bavaria, who settled in Harrisburg in 1785. She was born in Germantown September 24, 1774; died in Harrisburg, December 30, 1838. She was three years old when the battle of Germantown was fought, October 4, 1777, and remembered the experience of the family who were confined in the cellar of their residence, which was on the route of the battle.