CALDER, William
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CALDER, WILLIAM eldest child of John Calder and Naomi Norris, was born in Belair, Harford county, Md., July 24, 1788. The father was a native of Scotland. William remained on the farm of his parents in Harford county until he was of age, when he removed to Baltimore, and soon thereafter to Lancaster, Pa. When the seat of government was removed from Lancaster to Harrisburg he came to the latter place, and resided there up to the time of his death. In 1817 he married Mary Kirkwood, who was born in Armagh, Ireland, of Scotch-Irish parents, and emigrated to this country when seven years of age. Their children were John, Mary, wife of Wells Coverly, William, Matilda, wife of Charles A. Keller, and James. His wife died in 1858, and in 1860 he married Margaret C. Walmer, of Dauphin county, by whom he had no issue. He died March 5,1861, and of his children none now survive. Immediately upon leaving Harford county, Mr. Calder became interested in lines of stage-coaches and the United States mail service, and for fifty years this was his chief business. Up to the time of the sale of the public works of Pennsylvania he was associated with Alexander Wilson, of Lewistown, Jacob Peters, of Philadelphia, Silas Moore, of Hollidaysburg, and other gentlemen in the "Pioneer," "Good Intent," and "Express" companies for the transportation of passengers and mails by cars and canal packetboats. He never lost his fondness for farming and live-stock, and maintained several of the most fertile farms in Dauphin county. Enterprises for the development of the resources of the country and particularly the business of Harrisburg received his support. He built many houses, favored the introduction of manufactures, and at the time of death possessed an ample fortune.