CATRELL, William
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CATRELL (KETTERELL), WILLIAM, was a native of the State of Maryland, where he was born in 1784. He learned the trade of shoemaker, and established himself in Harrisburg about 1805. During the war of 1812-14 he served under General Pike in the Western Department. Subsequently he began merchandising, and successfully carried on business until the close of his life. March 23, 1835, he was appointed by Governor Ritner inspector of flour at Harrisburg, an office shortly after abolished. He served several years as a member of the borough council of Harrisburg. He died at Harrisburg, April 7, 1848. He married, November 6, 1808, Letitia Wilson, sister of McNair Wilson, of Harrisburg, who survived her husband only a few years. They left no issue. By his will Mr. Catrell left several bequests to the Zion Lutheran church, of which he was long an elder, one resulting in the founding of the Cartell library. His pastor, the Rev. Charles W. Schaeffer, D. D., late of Germantown bears this noble testimony: "He was a man of very kindly, cheerful spirit, of pleasant manners, of good sound sense, and generally well informed. As a business man he had been distinguished for his habits of order and diligence, and his sterling integrity of principle. His confession and maintenance of his religious faith was modest, though positive and earnest, and in the highest degree sincere. He stood very high in the regard of all who knew him, and was deeply lamented in his death."