CRAIN, Richard
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CRAIN, RICHARD MOORE, was born in November, 1777, in Hanover township, Lancaster county, Pa.; died Friday, September 17, 1852, in Harrisburg, Pa. He received a fair education and was brought up on his father's farm. He became quite prominent in public affairs the first decade of this century, and during the incumbency of Gen. Andrew Porter as surveyor general of Pennsylvania, Mr. Crain received the appointment of deputy secretary of the Land Office, a position he acceptably filled through all the changes of administration for forty years, until the advent of Governor Ritner, when he was displaced. He then retired to his farm in Cumberland county, from which district he was sent a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1837, in which he was a leading spirit. During the war of 1812-14 he commanded a company of volunteers from Harrisburg, and was subsequently commissioned colonel of the Pennsylvania militia. Colonel Crain married, in 1802, Elizabeth Whitehill, born 1771; died October 2, 1848; daughter of Robert Whitehill and Eleanor Read.