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FORSTER, JOHN MONTGOMERY, son of Col. Thomas Forster and his wife Sarah Pettit Montgomery, was born June 21, 1789, in Paxtang; d. September 21, 1858, at Harrisburg, Pa. He passed his youth partly at Harrisburg and partly at Erie, where his father removed about 1799. He studied law with his uncle, Samuel Laird, at Harrisburg, and was admitted to the bar of Dauphin county, at May term, 1814. He marched with the volunteers from this section of the State to Baltimore, in 1814, and was elected or appointed brigade major of the brigade commanded by his uncle, Gen. John Forster. After his return, he practiced law at Harrisburg, and was deputy attorney general for the counties of Dauphin and Lebanon, under the administration of Governor Hiester, Thomas Elder being attorney general. Upon the occasion of General Lafayette's visit to Harrisburg, he commanded the military. He was president of the Branch Bank of Pennsylvania at Harrisburg, until it was discontinued. He represented this judicial district in the first Board of Revenue Commissioners, convened in 1844, to equalize taxation between the several counties of the State, and was elected secretary of the board at the session of 1847 and 1850. In 1846 he was commissioned by Governor Shunk as president judge of the counties of Chester and Delaware, and served for several months in this capacity. Major Forster married Jennette Wright, born 1790, in Paterson, N. J.; died July 30, 1880, at Harrisburg, Pa., daughter of John Wright and Rose Chambers.

Historical Review of Dauphin County
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Date of Transcription: 29 Oct 2000
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