GRAYDON, William
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GRAYDON, WILLIAM, the son of Alexander Graydon and Rachel Marks, was born near Bristol, Bucks county, Pa., September 4, 1759. He was educated in Philadelphia, and studied law under Edward Biddle, of that city. He came to Harrisburg upon the the organization of the county of Dauphin, and began the practice of his profession, being admitted at the May term, 1786. He was the first notary public, commissioned September 2, 1791, and a leading man in the borough during the "mill-dam troubles" of 1794-95. He was many years a member of the town council and president thereof, and subsequently one of the burgesses. He was the author of "Forms of Conveyancing" (in two volumes), "The Justice's Assistant," and edited "An Abridgement of the Laws of the United States" in 1802. Mr. Graydon was prominent in the organization of the First Presbyterian Church, and for many years an elder thereof. He died at Harrisburg, October 13, 1840, in the eighty-second year of his age. "Mr. Graydon," says Rev. Dr. Robinson, "was a man of fine literary tastes, was highly esteemed as a gentleman of the old school, in his manners refined, courteous, of unblemished integrity in the many trusts committed to him, of high and honorable principles, and in the church and walks of Christian life a man of true piety and deep devotion." H. Murray Graydon and Dr. William Graydon are his sons.

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