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GROSS, ABRAHAM, was born December 24, 1781, in Montgomery county, Pa., and died August 25,1834, in Middle Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pa. He was a son of John Gross and Rachel Sahler. His father, John Gross, was born in November, 1749, in Western Massachusetts, not far from the Hudson river, where his parents were early settlers from the Palatinate, being of Huguenot descent. On the eve of the Revolution John Gross removed to now Montgomery county, Pa. He entered into the spirit of that contest at the outset, and was commissioned first lieutenant January 5, 1776, in Col. Arthur St. Clair's (Second Pennsylvania) battalion; subsequently promoted a captain in the Third Pennsylvania at its organization, which was formed on the basis of the former, but with several of his colleagues in St. Clair's battalion seems never to have accepted the position, or, if they did, declined it shortly after, especially upon the resignation of Col. Joseph Wood in July, 1777. After the close of the war he removed with his family to now Middle Paxton township, Dauphin county, Pa., where he lived the remainder of his days, dying January 2, 1823. Mr. Gross married, about 1778, Rachel Sahler, born in 1756. in Ulster county, New York; daughter of Abraham Sahler and Elizabeth Du Bois, of Huguenot extraction. She died August 16, 1828, and with her husband buried in the old cemetery at Dauphin.