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HAMILTON, HUGH, the son of John Hamilton and Margaret Alexander, was born at "Fermanagh," now in Juniata county, Pa., on the 30th of June, 1785. He received a careful preparatory education, and with his brother John was sent to Dickinson College, where he graduated. He studied law under Thomas Elder, and was admitted to the Dauphin county bar in 1805. At the time of his admission to the bar Judge Henry had ordered the prothonotary to issue commissions on parchment. Accordingly the descendants of the young lawyer have his commission "on parchment," issued 21st of June, 1805, signed by "Joshua Elder, Pro'thy by order of the court," with the seal of the county attached. In 1808 Mr. Hamilton edited and published The Times at Lancaster, and upon the removal of the seat of government to Harrisburg, with William Gillmor, The Harrisburg Chronicle, the leading and influential newspaper at the State capital for twenty years. The Chronicle was the first paper in Pennsylvania which gave full and systematic legislative reports. He died at Harrisburg, on the 3d of September, 1836, aged fifty-one years. Mr. Hamilton married, January 6,1807, Rosanna, daughter of Adam Boyd and Jeannette MacFarlane, born December 1, 1789, died April 17. 1872. They are both buried in the Harrisburg cemetery. Mr. Hamilton was a vigorous and polished writer, and his editorials were models of elegant composition. For a quarter of a century he wielded considerable political influence through his newspaper. He was an active and enterprising citizen, twice chief burgess of the corporation of Harrisburg, frequently a member of council, and highly esteemed in social intercourse.