HOLMAN, Samuel
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HOLMAN, SAMUEL, son of Conrad Holman, Jr., and Rachel Guss, was born in Chester county, Pa., January 11,1793. Conrad Holman, Sr., the grandfather, was born in New Castle county, Del., in 1738, and died art the residence of his son in Perry county, Pa., in 1822. Conrad, Jr., born in Chester county in 1768, died in Perry county in 1841; he married Rachel, daughter of Charles Guss and Mary Shunk. Samuel learned the trade of house carpenter, and carne to Harrisburg after his majority, where he successfully pursued his business and was widely known as a builder and architect. Among the public works constructed under his supervision and according to plans were bridges over the Susquehanna at Clark's Ferry and Harrisburg, and over the Schuylkill river at Schuylkill Falls. He was the architect for the court houses at Lewistown and Harrisburg. For several years he was supervisor of the public works between Columbia and Millerstown. He was a man of much energy of character in whatever business he engaged. During the war of 1812-14 he went as fifer in Captain Walker's company, which marched to the defense of Baltimore, and in his old age served as a volunteer for the defuse of Harrisburg when, in 1863, it was threatened by General Lee. He frequently was a member of the borough council, and took a deep interest in the prosperity of his adopted town. He died at Harrisburg September 28, 1863. Mr. Holman married, to 1822, Sarah, daughter of Daniel Hertz and Elizabeth Kisner; born at Harrisburg, December 5, 1800, and there died October 22, 1863. They had five children living at the time of their death: Ann Elizabeth, married Samuel Alleman, Rev. Samuel Augustus, William Simon, Mary Ellen, married Dr. A. L. Alstead, and Sarah Frances, married George A. Klugh.

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