KEAN, John
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KEAN, JOHN, was born October 3, 1762, in Philadelphia and died December 9, 1818, in Harrisburg, Pa. He was the son of John Kean (1728-1801) and Mary Dunlop (1728-1819). His father removed to what is now Dauphin county, PA., in 1775. In 1780 he entered the Revolutionary service, and was with the army until after the capitulation of Yorktown. Upon his discharge he was placed with James Clunie, a merchant at Hummelstown, second sheriff of Dauphin county, at a salary of one hundred dollars a year and boarding. In this period he taught himself conveyancing and surveying. In 1785 he located at Harrisburg, in partnership with Mr. Clunie. In 1788 he was one of the members of the famous "Harrisburg Conference." He was one of the managers of the first library company, established 1787, and the same year elected a commissioner of the county; one of the trustees of the Harrisburg Academy, 1788; treasurer of the Presbyterian congregation in 1790; chosen captain of the first volunteer company upon the resignation of General Hanna, and president of the first fire company, and in 1792 appointed an associate judge. In 1796 Mr. Kean purchased, with John Elder, Jr., New Market forge, about three miles from Palmyra, and removed thence. Was elected to State Senate, and re-elected in 1798, serving until 1802. In 1805 he was appointed by Governor McKean register general, serving for three years. He removed to Philadelphia in 1810, was a merchant there, returned to Harrisburg in 1813, was again appointed justice of the peace by Governor Snyder, which office h filled until his death. Judge Kean married, first, in 1786, Mary Whitehill, daughter of Robert Whitehill, of Cumberland county. By her he had one daughter, Eleanor, who married, first, March 24, 1808, William Patton, M.D., son of Thomas Patton and Eleanor Fleming, born in 1775, in Derry township, Lancaster, now Dauphin county, Pa. Died March 30, 1816. Mrs. Patton married, secondly, Christian Spayd, and left descendants. By his second wife, Jean Hamilton, born June 1, 1774; died March 20, 1847, at Harrisburg; daughter of John Hamilton, there were four children, all deceased.