KERR, William
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KERR, WILLIAM, was born in Bart township, Lancaster county, Pa., October 13. 1776. His father dying early, he was left to the tender care of a pious mother. After some years spent in the schools of the neighborhood, he was sent to Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, where he was graduated. For some years thereafter he was principal of an academy at Wilmington, Del. He subsequently placed himself under the care of the Presbytery of New Castle, and was shortly after ordained by that body. He preached in Harrisburg about the years 1805-6, and upon the resignation of the Rev. Mr. McFarquhar was sent to supply the pulpit of the old Donegal church. In the fall of 1808 the congregation at Columbia made application to Mr. Kerr for part of his time. It was not, however, until the year following that he assented to give them a portion of his ministerial labors. He continued to be the stated supply there until the first Sunday in January, 1814, when he preached his farewell sermon. Mr. Kerr also preached at Marietta in addition to his charge at Donegal. He died September 22, 1821, aged forty-five years, and is interred in old Donegal church graveyard. The Rev. Mr. Kerr married Mary Elder, daughter of James Wilson and Mary Elder, of Derry, born 1788; died February 22, 1850, at Harrisburg; and their children were: Mary E., married Hermanus Alricks, of Harrisburg, William M., J. Wallace, James Wilson, and Martha, married Dr. Edward L. Orth, of Harrisburg. As a minister there were few who stood higher in the estimation of his brethren in the Presbytery than the Rev. William Kerr.