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MCALARNEY, MATHIAS WILSON, son of John (1802-1876) and Catharine Wilson (1812-1892) McAlarney, was born June 7, 1840, in Mifflineburg, Union county, Pa. He was educated at Bucknell University. He learned the art of printing in the Chronicle office at Lewisburg, and for a period of six years published the Potter Journal, aweekly newspaper at Coudersport. During the war he was provost marshall of the Eighteenth Pennsylvania district. He studied law with Hon. Isaac Benson, of Potter county, and was admitted to the bar February 27, 1867. In May of t he same year he removed to Harrisburg and entered upon the practice of the law. From 1874 until the close of 1882 he was more or less actively engaged in editorial work on the Harrisburg Telegraph, and in the fall of 1883 he purchased a majority of the stock of the Harisburg Publishing Company, publishers of the Daily and Semi-Weekly Telegraph, and has continued from that date as editor of the Telegraph and manager of the publishing company. In 1868 he was appointed clerk to the commission to settle the damages done by the border raids during the Rebellion, and in 1871, by appointment of Governor Geary, he was the attorney for the Commonwealth in connection with the same work in the county of Cumberland. In the fall of 1874 he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for district attorney, with every prospect of success, when on the 23rd of September he was appointed postmaster at Harrisburg, and continued in office under subsequent reappointments until April, 1887. He purchased for the Government the land upon which the United States post-office was erected. He was appointed disbursing agent during the construction of the building, and upon its completion in 1882 was appointed custodian of the building. He married, in 1867, Ada, daughter of Jacob D. Hoffman, and they have two children, Martha Worden and John Hart. Three children died in infancy.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

Sidney, Indiana page 347