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MITCHELL, ANDREW, a native of Dublin, Ireland, born November 1, 1754, emigrated to America in 1774, on the eve of the Revolution. Expousing the cause of the Colonies, he took position as an officer among the defenders of his adopted country. He was a gentleman of finished education and excellent moral training, having been destined for a clerical life, adopted teaching as an avocation, and in the dearth of preceptors after the peace of 1783 had gratifying success as an educator. He came to Harrisburg in 1791, and in June, 1795, married Margaret, the widow of Capt. John Hamilton. He was one of the burgesses of the borough in 1799, and served a number of years in the town council. Mr. Mitchell was an officer and early member of the Presbyterian church, and greatly assisted in its first organization. He died December 21, 1825, at his residence on Front street, now Mrs. Dr. Rutherford's. His daughter, Jane Alexander, wife of Dr. Thomas Whiteside, was the only child who survived him.

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