MUMMA, Ellis
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MUMMA. ELLIS LEWIS, is the youngest child of the late Hon. David Mumma and was born in Harrisburg in 1854. During his early childhood he attended the Harrisburg Academy, then, as now, conducted by Prof. Jacob Seiler. At sixteen he was sent to Bryant and Stratton’s Business College, in Philadelphia; completing he course he returned to Harrisburg where, at the age of seventeen, he was given a clerkship in the State Bank. One year later he entered the Real Estate Savings Bank. So thoroughly conversant did the young man become with the business that at the death of the cashier, Mr. Landis, he was, at the early age of twenty-two years, made cashier of the bank. There was thrilling experience ahead for the young man on account of the financial panic of 1877, which was then impending. As it was impossible, with banks failing all around, to make money, the directors concluded to close out the concern, the young cashier running affairs so smoothly that each depositor was paid to the last cent, in spite of the stringency of the times. Until May, 1883, Mr. Mumma was manager of the Harrisburg Daily Patriot, when he was appointed draughtsman in the department of Internal Affairs, by Secretary J. Simpson Africa. At the expiration of Mr. Africa’s term Mr. Mumma was again connected with the Patriot, at the same time dealing in real estate business. During October, 1893, he became publisher of the Morning Call, which built up a wide circulation through the publisher’s philanthropic spirit. During the business depression of 1893 and 1894 Mr. Mumma appealed through the columns of his journal to the public-spirited and charitably inclined and through these means fed hundreds of starving people through that disastrous time. Mr. Mumma is married to a daughter of Hon. B.F. Meyers and has two interesting children, Winifred and Benjamin Meyers Mumma.


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