ORR, D. A.
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ORR, D.A., editor and the principal owner of the Patriot, daily and weekly, at Harrisburg, Pa., was born at Orrstown, Franklin county, a town founded by his father and brothers, whose name it bears, and was educated at the schools of that borough. He attended a higher school at Upper Strasburg, and later underwent private instruction. Having an early taste for newspaper writing, before he was eighteen years old he became the associate editor of the Sentinel, a Democratic newspaper then published at Shippensburg, and subsequently removed to Carlisle. From Shippensburg he went, after a somewhat protracted trip through the western States and Territories, to Pittsburgh, where he resided and was engaged in active business until January, 1879; at that time he purchased the Democratic Chronicle at Shippensburg, which paper he sold six months later, and , in October of the same year, together with his brother,John G., purchased aand took charge of the daily and weekly Valley Spirit at Chambersburg. He continues as president of the Valley Spirit Publishing Company, in which he is the principal shareholder. Although he has always taken an active interest in politics, Mr. Orr has never been a candidate for any public office of profit, and says he "never will be." He is engaged in a number of private enterprises. In 1884 he was appointed by Governor Pattison one of the trustees of the Pennsylvania State Lunatic Asylum at Harrisburg, which position he resigned before his term expired. He was a delegate from the Eighteenth Congressional district of the National Democratic Convention in 1888 which renominated Mr. Cleveland. In 1891 he formed a company, of which he was made president, and purchased the Harrisburg Patriot, and has since been connected with that influential journal, of the Patriot Company. Mr. Orr was married in 1885 to Miss Lillian J. Black, of Pittsburgh.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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