ORTH, Christian
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ORTH, CHRISTIAN HENRY, son of Adam Orth, was born March 24, 1773, in Lebanon township, Lancaster, now Lebanon county, Pa. Died 1816 in the city of Baltimore, Md.; in life went by the name of Henry, dropping Christian. He received a good English education, and was brought up in the iron business. Upon the death of his father he became the owner of the New Market forge, but being elected sheriff of the county of Dauphin, commissioned October 17, 1797, like the vast majority who have followed him in that office, he became financially shipwrecked. In 1801 he was elected State senator, serving until 1804, when he positively declined further continuance in office. Governor Snyder appointed him flour inspector of the port of Philadephia in January, 1809, but he resigned this office in April following, when he entered mercantile pursuits in Philadelphia. He remained in that city until about the commencement of the last war with England, when he removed to Baltimore, and had there established a successful business as a merchant, when he suddenly died, at the age of forty-three. Mr. Orth married, in 1794, Rebecca Rahm [sic], born November 22, 1773; died December 31, 1843, at Harrisburg, Pa.; daughter of Conrad Rahn and Catharine Weiser.