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REILY, JOHN, was born at Leeds, England, on the 12th of April, 1752. His father, Benjamin Reily, emigrated soon after, and was a gentleman of some note in the Province of Pennsylvania. Receiving a classical education, the former began the study of law, and was admitted to the bar on the eve of the Revolution. Accepting a commission as captain in the Twelfth regiment of the Pennsylvania Line, subsequently (1778) transferred to the Third regiment, he served with valor and distinction, and was severely wounded at Bonhamton, N. J., being shot through the body. Returning home he slowly recovered, when he resumed the practice of his profession. He was present and took part in the first term of the Dauphin county court, in May 1785. In 1795 he published at Harrisburg "A Compendium for Pennsylvania Justices of the Peace," the first work of that character printed in America. Captain Reily died at Myerstown, May 2, 1810. He married, at Lancaster, on May 20, 1773, by Rev. Thomas Barton, of the Episcopal Church, Elizabeth Myer, the daughter of Isaac Myer, the founder of Myerstown, Lebanon county, born April 2, 1755; died April 2, 1800.* They had a large family. Captain Reily was not a brilliant orator, but was perfectly reliable as a lawyer, and had an extensive practice at the Lancaster, Berks, and Dauphin Courts. He was a tall, courtly gentleman, and an ardent Whig of the Revolutionary era; was a polished writer, and a manuscript book of literary exccerpts in the possession of his descendants shows a refined and cultivated taste.

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