SHUNK, James
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SHUNK, JAMES FINDLAY, the youngest son of Gov. Francis R. Shunk, was born April 18, 1836. He was educated at Harrisburg Academy, and at the University of Virginia, at which latter institution he attended a course of lectures on the science of law. Perchance the best education he received, and that which fitted him peculiarly for the profession of journalism, which he adopted, was the literary training he received by extensive reading and close study of the best English authors, and by a careful and rigid observance of language and style. He wrote the raciest English that flowed from the pen of any writer for the press in Pennsylvania. His power of sarcarsm was immense, though he lacked that of invective. Many of his articles which appeared in print were attributed to some of the eminent men of the country, and others often obtained the credit which of right belonged to him, so modest, unobtrusive, and even sensitive was he in regard to any publicity of his name as that of the author of the articles alluded to. He died quite young, being not yet thirty-eight years of age, as brilliant a journalist as ever held a pen, with intellect fully ripened and a wide field before him for the exercise of his peculiar talents. He died at Harrisburg, january 20, 1874. Mr. Shunk married a daughter of Judge Jeremiah S. Black, of York.



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Sidney, Indiana page 345