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SMULLER, GEORGE, son of John Smuller (1780-1840) and Susanna Shirtz (1782-1864), was born October 7,1805, at Jonestown, Lebanon county, Pa. He acquired a fair English education in the schools of his day, and in early life followed the occupation of a tailor. He subsequently became extensively engaged in the lumber business with the Union Canal Company and a contractor in the public works of the State. He was afterwards appointed collector of tolls in a Union canal at Middletown, a position he filled many years;, resigning in 1857, when he was elected president of the Middletown Bank. As first officer of that institution Mr. Smuller won for himself the highest confidence in the community, which he retained down to the close of his busy and active life. He died at Middletown on August 19, 1882, aged almost seventy-seven years. Few men stood higher in the community than he. His life was characterized by great goodness of heart and true nobleness of soul, which won for him the love and esteem of his fellow-men and neighbors. Mr. Smuller married Caroline Fisher, daughter of Dr. Karl and Mary Fisher, of Middletown, born 1805 at Middletown; died January 5, 1870. Their children were: Lehman, d. s. p., Mary, Elizabeth, married George F. Mish, M.D., Annie G., married Henry J. Meily, Ellen, married David G. Swartz, of Chicago, and Caroline