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WALLACE, JOSEPH, Son of James Wallace and his wife Rachel Elder, was born in Paxtang, March 29, 1786, and died February 22. 1867, at Harrisburg. His mother was a niece of Rev. John Elder. Mr. Wallace received a good English education, and about the year 1809 or 1810, we find him the manager of New Market Forge, Lebanon county, for John Elder, subsequently employed at Hope Furnace, in Lancaster county. He removed to Harrisburg prior to 1812 and with Joshua Elder entered into mercantile life; afterwards in business alone for many years. In the war of 1812-14 he volunteered with the Harrisburg artillerists and marched as far as York. He served in the Harrisburg borough council and was treasurer a long term of years. He was quite prominent as an Anti-Mason, having been chairman of the State committee during the Ritner campaign, and afterwards appointed deputy secretary of the Commonwealth under that administration. For many years he was secretary and treasurer of the Harrisburg Bridge Company, of the Middletown Turnpike Company and Peter's Mountain Turnpike Company. He was a gentleman of high moral character and worth, greatly esteemed in the community, and ever enjoyed their confidence and respect. Mr. Wallace married, May 28, 1816, Sarah Evans Cummins, born January 16, 1787, in Chester county, Pa.; died August 21, 1858 at Harrisburg, Pa., and with her husband there buried.