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WIESTLING, GEORGE P., son of Dr. Samuel Christopher, was born May 4, 1808, in Paxtang, now Susquehanna township, Dauphin county, Pa., and died may 31, 1883, at Harrisburg, Pa. He was educated in the schools of the borough and the Harrisburg Academy. He learned the art of printing with his brother, John S. Wiestling, who edited and published the Pennsylvania Intelligencer. He afterwards worked as a compositor in the different newspaper offices at the State capitol. About the year 1842 he established himself in the wood and coal trade, in which he continued down through life, being one of the first to engage in it. For a period of fifty years he was leader of the Reformed church choir. Having a love for music, and being endowed with fine talents in that direction, he took special delight in their cultivation. He was an active member of the church with which he so long identified himself as its musical leader, and for forty-four years an elder. He was faithful to every trust, honest, and upright in all his dealings with the world, earnest and sincere in every good work, and his memory will remain green in the hearts of those who honor him. Mr. Wiestling married Margaret Berryhill, daughter of Samuel Berryhill.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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