WILLARD, John Peter
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WILLARD, JOHN PETER, was a native of Switzerland, born in 1745. He came to America as a soldier in the British service, but shortly after landing effected his escape. He then volunteered in the cause of the Colonies, and was with other deserters stationed on the Indian frontier or as guard of prisoners of war. At the close of the Revolution he took up a tract of land in Lykens township, called "Amsterdam," where he settled, began farming, and subsequently married. He died in 1821, at the age of 76. His wife died the following year (1822), aged 77. They left the following family: Adam, who came into possession of the homestead. His children, Joseph, John A., Henry B., and Adam, Jr., then divided the farm. Part of it yet remains in possession of the descendants. Samuel remained in the valley, a farmer, and had a large family. Anna Maria married John Philip Umholtz.