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WITMAN, R.E., publisher, No. 103 North Second street, Harrisburg, Pa., was born in the State of New York, February 3, 1858, and is the son of D.S. and Margaet (Brewer) Witman. The grandfather, Christopher, was a tanner by trade and had a family of three sons. The parents were both natives of New York, the father being born there in 1823. He was engaged in farming and in the lumber business during his entire life. He was married to Miss Margaet Putnam, by whom he had six children, of whom but two survive: Smith, in the lumber business, Gundan, Pa., and R.E. He died April 13, 1895. RE.attended the public schools until seventeen years of age, when he went to New York and taught school at Caneville for two years. In 1881 he began selling books, and soon received a good position with the Penn Publishing Company. He was afterwards taken in as a partner and continued in the firm four years, when he withdrew and established the firm of R.E. Witman and Company, in 1891, at Harrisburg, in which he is interested at the present time. He was married, February 14, 1884, to Miss Mutam Beecher, daughter of Lyman and Susan(Kimble) Beecher, and a distant relative of Henry Ward Beecher, of New York. Their children are: Grace M., Fanny M., and Harry E. Mrs. Witmanís parents were both natives of New York and had a family of three children: Bertha, Mutam, and Mabel. The mother still survives and resides in New York. In politics Mr.Witman is a Republican and he is a member of the Grace Methodist church. The parents of both Mr. and Mrs. Witman were members of the Baptist church.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

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