AWL, Jacob
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Awl, Jacob, was born August 6, 1727, in the north of Ireland; and died September 26, 1793, in Paxtang township, Dauphin county, Pa. The name should properly be spelled Auld, and the first settler wrote it Aul, which the descendants have changed into Awl. He learned the trade of a tanner; was a man of means when he came to America, and settled, at an early date, in Paxtang, near his relative, John Harris, of Harris’ Ferry, where he took up a large tract of land, which he improved, erected a tannery, and on which he lived to the time of his death. He became a prominent personage in Paxtang, was an ensign and lieutenant in Col. John Elder’s battalion of rangers in the frontier wars from 1756 to 1764, and at the outset of the war for independence, aided, by his counsel and his purse, in organizing the associated battalions of Lancaster county, which did such effective service in the Revolution. When the new county of Dauphin was erected, Mr. Awl was appointed one of the commissioners for the public grounds ceded by him, at the laying out of the town of Harrisburg, for public uses. He was a representative man, influential and potential in the county, yet preferred domestic retirement to the struggle for office, and when he was offered the nomination for representative in the General Assembly, he positively declined. Jacob Awl married, July 26. 1759, by Rev. John Elder, Sarah Sturgeon, born September 1, 1739; died June 1809, in Paxtang, and with her husband there buried. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Sturgeon, one of the first settlers.


Transcribed by: Lynne Ranieri

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