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BARNET, JOHN J., Steelton, Pa, was born in Middletown, Dauphin county, Pa., October 2, 1838; son of George and Barbara (Snyder) Barnet. Mr. Barnet’s maternal grandparents were natives of Wurtemberg, Germany. His parents were both natives of Middletown, Dauphin county, where his father was born on July 29, 1813, and his mother on October 12, 1812. Mr. George Barnet was a saddler and cooper, but his principal business engagements were on the canal and the railroads. Mrs. Barnet, to whom he was married in the year 1838, was a daughter of Christian and Mary Snyder. They had nine children, of whom Susan died, aged ten years, and George, aged twenty-five years. The survivors are: John J.; Augustus; Annie, wife of John Daugherty, deceased; Elizabeth, wife of Charles Hartline; Clara, wife of Jacob McKinley, and, after his death, of John Brindle; Christian, and Margaretta. Mr. George Barnet, at the time of his death, which occurred March 7, 1886, was in the lumber business. Mrs. Barnet died December 8, 1873, aged sixty years, one month and twenty-eight days.

John J. Barnet attended the public schools of Middletown, Pa., until, in his eighteenth year, he began a six months’ course at the Emaus Institute, at Middletown. His school days ended, he lost no time in idleness, but engaged as clerk in the general store of Lauman & Crum; in the following year he was away from Middletown, but on his return was received again into the employ of the same firm, and served them for two years more. At about twenty-one years of age he began a three years’ apprenticeship at carpentry. At the end of that time he engaged with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as brakeman for one year, and afterwards with the Northern Central Railroad Company as conductor for about nine months. He was next employed as a millwright until 1866, at which time he entered the employ of the Pennsylvania Steel Company. Mr. Barnet entered the service of this company as a carpenter. Only a year was necessary to make the company fully sensible of the value of his services as a skilled and versatile mechanic and a faithful employee. At the expiration of that time he was made foreman of the carpentry department, and has continued for thirty years to manifest the same qualities in that responsible position. Mr. Barnet votes with the Democratic party. On November 13, 1859, he was married to Miss Harriet A., daughter of John and Susan (Wise) Gurtner, of New Cumberland, Cumberland county, Pa. One of their family of seven children, William Augustus, died in 1864, aged three weeks. The living children are: Harry, Annie B., John Robert, Katie E., Florence, and Walter Herbert.

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