BENT, Winslow
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BENT, WINSLOW B., Steelton, Pa., was born in Norfolk county, Mass., December 17, 1825. Mr. Bent is a son of Ebenezer and Nancy (Stehler) Bent, both natives of Norfolk county, where Mr. Ebenezer Bent was occupied with mercantile business, his lifelong pursuit. Mrs. Bent was a Miss Stehler. Mr. and Mrs. Bent had ten children; only four are now living: Elizabeth, wife of William Monroe; Mary, wife of R. S. Hausman; Winslow B.; and Edith S.

Winslow B. Bent was a pupil in the public schools of Norfolk until he was eighteen, when he went to Quincy, Mass., to complete his school education. From 1842 until April, 1848, he assisted as clerk in his father’s store. In 1849 the golden gleam of California mines allured him, and he joined the great exodus of young and enterprising Eastern men of that State. There he no doubt shared the general experience of vicissitudes, often more spicy and agreeable in the subsequent relation than in the actual occurrence; but he pluckily remained in that State, engaged in various pursuits, for about fifteen years. Afterwards, from 1864 to 1879, he saw life on the broad western plains, in the service of the Union Pacific railroad. At length the pale glitter of steel drew Mr. Bent eastward with truer, if more moderate, promise than the luster of gold had held out; and in the employ of the Pennsylvania Steel Company he found a position worthy of his acceptance—that of superintendent of the yard department. Mutual satisfaction of employer and employees have brought about a long tenure of the position, which he has held from 1879 to the present time. Mr. Bent’s politics are Democratic. On March 10, 1859, Winslow B. Bent was married to Miss Jeannette, daughter of Shellen Tomlinson. They have had three children: Shellen C.; Alice, wife of E. C. Felton; and Edith.

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