BOLL, Chas.S.
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BOLL, Chas. S., president of the Boll Bros. Manufacturing Company, was born in Baltimore county, Md., on the 6th of October, 1867. He is a son of Ambrose S. and Mary (Cooper) Boll, natives of Baltimore county, both now residing in the city of Baltimore. Their family consisted of twelve children; Micajah, who met death by an accident on the Pennsylvania railroad; Laura J., wife of Charles Wood, of Baltimore, died in 1890; Annie, died in 1891; Fannie R., William A., George E., Clara M., wife of W. H. Shubkagle, of Baltimore, John W., Charles S., E. Frank, and two who died in infancy.

Charles S. Boll was but four years old when his parents removed to Baltimore; a year later they left the city, and again resided in the county of Baltimore, until Charles was eleven. They then returned to the city, and he attended its public schools for the next four years. At the age of fifteen, the boy began business as an employee in a mattress factory; one year and a half later he was appointed foreman, and at the end of two years more, his ability was recognized by his promotion to the position of manager of the factory. In 1885, when only eighteen, Mr. Boll came to Harrisburg to assume the management of a branch house for the firm by which he was employed, and managed the business successfully until October 5, 1889. At this time he purchased the business, and admitted his brother, John W. Boll, as a partner. The beginning was modest, and the new enterprise was handicapped by want of space, facilities and a capital. But courage and a careful management, with honesty and sincerity of purpose, soon placed the business on the road to prosperity, notwithstanding many discouragements and the strongest competition. It steadily increased, although seriously interrupted, in 1890, by a disastrous fire. One building after another was outgrown, until it became necessary to erect the handsome structure now occupied, at Tenth and Mulberry streets, and the firm now stands at the head of the mattress, spring bed and brass and iron bedstead business, with a national reputation. In 1892 Mr. William A. Boll also was admitted to partnership, and the title of the Harrisburg Woven Mattress Company was adopted by the firm. In 1893 the business was incorporated as the Boll Bros. Manufacturing Company, with a capital of $100,000, Chas. S. Boll being president, John W. Boll, treasurer, and William A. Boll, secretary.

Notwithstanding the demand that the development of this large business has made on Mr. Boll's time and abilities, he has given his influence and encouragement to others. He early recognized the power for good possessed by the Board of Trade, and connected himself with that organization. His activity in promoting its influence and increasing its membership soon made him a prominent factor, and he was speedily recognized as a public spirited citizen of extraordinary zeal and ability. Mr. Boll was elected president of the Board of Trade January 21, 1896. His election is justly regarded as becoming a tribute for his many services in behalf of the Board in this city, and as a token that his many good qualities are highly appreciated by his fellow-citizens. Mr. Boll is president of the Boll & Shaar Manufacturing Company, Steelton, Pa.; vice-president of the Barcalo & Boll Manufacturing Company, Buffalo, N. Y., and vice-president of the Ridley Park Brick Company, Philadelphia, Pa. His politics are Republican.

Chas. S. Boll was married, in Harrisburg, Pa., May 12, 1891, to Carrie S., daughter of William and Charlotte M. Wykoff, old and honored residents of this city. Their children are: Charles Wykoff and Robert Ambrose. He and his family are connected with Grace Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. Boll is second vice-president of the Fourth General Conference district, Epworth League, which includes four States. He held the presidency of the local society for four years.

John W. Boll, treasurer of the company, passed away, August 22, 1896, after an illness of eight months, leaving a widow and two children.

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