BOWMAN, Frank S.
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BOWMAN, FRANK S., attorney-at-law and publisher, Millersburg, Dauphin county, Pa., is a son of Josiah and Margaret (Rutter) Bowman, being the youngest of a family of nine children, and was born at Loyalton, Dauphin county, January 24, 1844.

Mr. Bowman received a good classical education, after which he read law in the office of Hon. Robert A. Lamberton, Harrisburg, Pa., and was admitted to the Dauphin county bar in April, 1866. He has also been admitted to all the neighboring bars. As a newspaper man Mr. Bowman has been more than ordinarily successful. In June, 1884, he established the Millersburg Sentinel, which was a success from the start, and is now a journal of large circulation and wide influence. Mr. Bowman is a talented and entertaining writer. His style is formed from the best literature and standard classic models, as he has possibly the largest and best selected literary library in his end of the county. His scrap books, which he has been making since the age of fourteen, alone form a rare and valuable collection. From these certain data and articles have been copied and furnished to some distinguished scholars. He has observed the rule to purchase a book when visiting a new city or community, and as a result has books picked up in many parts of the country. As an example, he purchased a copy of "Robinson Crusoe," in the city of Elmira in 1878. At this time he tried a case in court in Elmira with Hon. David B. Hill as associate counsel. He owns part of the library of that distinguished scholar and critic, R. Shelton MacKenzie, late of Philadelphia. Mr. Bowman is an enterprising citizen, and has filled various offices of trust in his community. He was a delegate from his county to the Democratic State Convention, at Pittsburgh, in 1874, the year after the adoption of the new State Constitution. He was always an admirer and active supporter of the lamented William A. Wallace. He was appointed post-master of Millersburg by President Cleveland, in February, 1895, and commissioned for four years.

Frank S. Bowman was married, September 14, 1869, to Mary C., third daughter of Simon Wert, a prominent citizen and highly esteemed Christian gentleman, now deceased, of Millersburg. Two children were born to this union: Hay Wert, born June 30, 1870, and Linn, born April 28, 1874. Hay is now editor of the Millersburg Sentinel, and is showing rare ability as a writer for one of his years. Linn Bowman is a member of the Junior class at Dickinson College, and ranks high in his class. He has the ministry in view.

Mrs. Bowman died December 5, 1893, under the most touching circumstances. A true Christian mother, a devoted wife, an ardent worker in the Methodist Episcopal church, her loss was keenly felt by all who knew her. Editor Bowman, of the Sentinel, was married, June 6, 1895, to Miss Nellie M. Bowman, daughter of Chief Burgess Simon S. Bowman. It affords us pleasure to conclude this sketch by saying that the family of Mr. Bowman is one of the most cultured and intelligent in Dauphin county.

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