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BRANDT, LEVI, member of the Paxton Flour and Feed Company and superintendent of the business, was born and near Churchtown, Monroe township, Cumberland county, Pa., May 20, 1829. He was the son of John and Elizabeth (Coover) Brandt, both natives of Cumberland county. His paternal grandfather was Adam Brandt, born 1751, died 1838, who married Eve Metzger, born 1752, died 1830. His mother, Elizabeth Coover, was granddaughter of George Coover, (1740-1820), who descended from a German family named Kobar (afterwards changed to Coover) of Coburg, Germany.

Levi Brandt attended country school until he was fifteen years of age. From 1844 to 1849 he worked on his father's farm. From 1849 to 1861 he was in the livestock business in Pennsylvania and Kentucky. From 1862 to 1865 he was in the grain business in Mechanicsburg, Pa., in the firm of Brandt & Co., the members of the firm being David Brandt, James Brandt and Levi Brandt. In 1866 he was in the grain business in Mechanicsburg at the Hummerl warehouse. Fro 1867 to 1872 he sold flour and grain for Thomas B. Bryson in the coal regions and in New York City. On April 1, 1872, he came to Harrisburg and assumed the management of the warehouse at State and Canal streets for John Hoffer & Co. On April 1, 1874, he became a member of this firm. On January 1, 1890, this firm was succeeded by the Paxton Flour and Feed Company, Levi Brandt being the superintendent. The firm consists of the McCormick Estate and Levi Brandt. It operates the warehouse at Harrisburg, the grain elevator at Bridgeport, Cumberland county, Pa., and the Lochiel flour mill, Harrisburg.

Mr. Brandt was married, November 8, 1866, to Elmira A., daughter of Daniel and Christina (Memper) Bailey. Her grandfather was John Bailey (1769-1832) and her great grandfather was David Bailey, a native of county Monaghan, province of Ulster, Ireland, who came to America and settled in York county, Pa. To Levi and Elmira Brandt were born five children: Daniel Bailey, John Austin, Christine B., Elizabeth G. and Nellie R. Mr. Brandt has never been a politician, in the sense of office-seeking. In political views he is a Republican. The family attend the Pine Street Presbyterian church, of which Mrs.. Brandt is a consistent member.

Mr. Brandt belonged to a family of eight children, of whom, besides himself, only one remains, namely, Susan, widow the late George W. Brandt, of Cumberland county, Pa., who now resides at Boiling Springs. Successful is the word which describes Mr. Brandt's business career.

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