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BRINSER, Soloman C., was born in Dauphin county, Pa., February 21, 1832. His father, John Brinser, was born in the same county, in 1782, died September 17, 1875. He acquired his education in the public schools. His political opinions were Republican. In 1820 he began the manufacture of grain candles, and made the first implement of the kind ever produced in Dauphin county. He continued in this business for many years, and is succeeded in it by his sons, who still carry it on. He married Mary Carper, by whom he had eleven children : Jacob, John, Samuel, Joseph, Jonas, Abraham, Matthias, Solomon C., Betsey, Katie, and Nancy. John, Samuel, Betsey, and Nancy are deceased.

Solomon C. was educated in the schools of Dauphin county. He inherited the mechanical tastes and talents of his father, and naturally chose manufacturing as his life employment. He was also of an inventive turn of mind; he invented and manufactured the first wheel rake made and used in this county, and its manufacture became the business which occupied him from 185 to 1868. He then turned his attention to the manufacture of woolen goods and carpets, and conducted that enterprise until 1880. Since that time he has been engaged in the manufacture of the celebrated Standard Corn Meal, made by a process of his own invention, which has reached an enormous sale throughout the county, one dealer alone selling more than a thousand bushels per season. He also manufactures sawed chest-nut shingles.

He was married, in 1856, to Miss Barbara, daughter of John Ruth. They have had ten children, nine of whom are living : Albert, born November 30, 1858, married Miss Maggie Shope, has one child; Clara, born April 18, 1860, wife of John Vance, of Londonderry township; Mary, born November 3, 1861, married Aaron Coble, of Londonderry township, has three children; Emma, born August 10, 1867, married Sadoc Shope, has one child; Ida, born December 10, 1869, married Joseph Mumma, has two children; Katie, born January 18, 1872, died August 25, 1879; Solomon Jr., born July 27, 1874, and John, born December 22, 1876, both in the milling business with their father, and unmarried; Ruth, born January 27, 1880, at home.


Historical Review of Dauphin County

Transcribed by Ronald Singer for the Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project

Date of Transcription: 08 March, 2001

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