BROWN, Mercer
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BROWN, MERCER, M.D., was born near Westchester, Chester county, Pa., April 22, 1795. After receiving a thorough academic education, he began the study of medicine under Dr. King, of Columbia. He graduated in 1816, and located at McCall’s Ferry, at which point many persons at that time were being employed in the erection of the bridge over the Susquehanna, numbers of whom had been attacked by severe sickness. He subsequently removed to Wrightsville, where he remained several years, when he located in Middletown, and until his death, which took place February 19, 1871, he was regarded as the head of the medical profession there. Dr. Brown was long a prominent actor in local and State politics. He was a candidate for Congress at one time, but his party being in the miniority in the district, he was defeated. As a citizen he was highly respected and beloved. Dr. Brown married Rebecca Wolfly, daughter of Jacob Wolfly, an early settler at Middletown. She died April 2, 1861.


Dorothy Bumbaugh

Sidney, Indiana page 361-362