BUEHLER, William
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BUEHLER, William, son of George Buehler and Maria Nagle, was born in the year 1808, at Erie, Pa. His father removed from Erie to Harrisburg in 1813, and died at that place in 1816. When a young man, the son went to Chambersburg. where he learned the mercantile trade. He subsequently removed to Philadelphia, where he was engaged as a merchant in the hardware business. He returned to Harrisburg about December, 1848 and took charge of the Buehler House which had been conducted by the family since 1818. Here he remained several years when he embarked in the insurance business, then comparatively in its infancy, and became State agent for the insurance company of North America. The result was the establishment of one of the largest insurance departments in the State, successfully and reliably carried on until his death. It was not alone in the business walks of life that Mr. Buehler was widely known and esteemed. For many years he was a prominent and active member of the Protestant Episcopal Church; was warden of St. Stephen's church, and the superintendent of its Sunday-school for a long period. He represented his church in different dioceses to which he belonged, and took an earnest part in all questions that arose therein relating to the extension and prosperity of the church. From the organization of the diocese of Central Pennsylvania until his decease, he had been the treasurer thereof, a most responsible position, and by his good judgment, liberality and kindness, did much to advance the financial interests of the new diocese. He was identified with the successful establishment of the Home of the Friendless, the City Hospital, and a member and officer of the Harrisburg Benevolent Society which has done so much to relieve the poor and needy of the city. In every organized effort for public charity he took an active part, contributing and counseling, and working with his own hands to promote good works in others. But his individual charities were the most characteristic of the man, for it was by these that "he established for himself a brotherhood with men which made his name blessed among them." He died suddenly at Harrisburg on Sunday morning, June 12,1881 ,aged seventy three years. Mr. Buehler married, May 17, 1831, at Chambersburg, Pa., Henrietta R. Snyder. Their children were: Anna, married Robert A. Lamberton, LL.D.; Elizabeth, married, first, Charles Hammond, secondly, H. Stanly Goodwin; Catharine, married Capt. George Ramsey, U.S.A.; Dr. Henry B., William, and Edward.


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